Whips by Jules Dixon

Whips by Jules Dixon
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (56 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 2.5 Stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Dune Wexley’s unrelenting efforts to take down a local crook ended his law enforcement career and his father’s life. Dune’s lived in seclusion ever since. A Sunday drive to check on his mysteriously disappearing herd of cattle ends with a guest in his house, one who makes him reconsider isolating his shielded heart. But can this stranger be trusted?

Mason LaFleur answered an ad in the paper that held the promise of becoming a real cowboy on an authentic ranch, but that never happened. Instead Mason was forced to run away from a cruel man, but a miscalculation finds him bouncing off the hood of a truck and into the arms of a genuine cowboy.

When Mason is kidnapped, Dune must decide if getting revenge for his father’s death is more important than saving the man who’s offered up his heart and life to heal the broken cowboy.

When Dune decided to go out for a drive he never expected a man to run out in front of his truck. Mason is running for his life and would rather die than go back to the hell he was trapped in. After answering an ad in the paper his life sure has changed and when a chance came to escape, Mason grabbed it. He will do what he can to live and get away from the evil man that tricked him into this torture. Little does Mason know but the very man that he asks for help from is more than ready to take on Silas. The evil that Silas has done goes way beyond what he has done to Mason and Dune will see it end now. Will the two fight the attraction that is growing between them? Will it hamper or help the two take down Silas?

This story has a great premise. It has a good plot but the story reads more like an outline and did not have much character development, making it a dry read. In the beginning, Dune comes off as arrogant and mean but we start to see another side of him; it was only a start. I would have enjoyed seeing more of the softer side of him. Mason is a scared young man. The two are good for each other and make a nice couple. As the two begin to figure out just where their feelings will take them Dune begins to set things into motion against Silas. It was nice to see the true hero that Dune is.

Mason and Dune’s story moves rather quickly and there are not a lot of details. It would have been nice to add some more substance to the story. It has an interesting plot and good characters that could have been developed into something more. Despite all that, I still found nuggets to enjoy and I liked Dune and Mason.

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