When the Time Is Right by Bill Bush

When the Time Is Right by Bill Bush
Publisher: Snader Publishing Company
Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Eden didn’t peg bribery, kidnapping, and murder for summer activities

For eighteen-year-old Eden, her court-mandated community service is set to be every bit as punishing as prison. Sent off to work at a pizza joint while living with her grandmother in a little out-of-the-way town, at least she can appreciate the peace and quiet.

But the town is hiding its own secrets, and pretty soon peace and quiet will be very hard to come by. She might not realize it, but between the spiteful neighbor, the enigmatic mayor, and the calculating owner of the abandoned hospital, Eden’s 90 days in Halstead are set to be the most exciting of her life.

Follow Eden’s unexpected adventure in this strange and entertaining tale of mystery.

Small towns are supposed to be quiet and sleepy, right?

Some of my favorite scenes also happened to be the most realistic ones. For example, Eden struggled to figure out how to use the complicated new cash register and deal with sore legs from standing all day at her summer job. These moments of discomfort and confusion endeared me to her as I got to know her better. They were also a nice respite from the more dramatic parts of the storyline as everything steadily advanced. After all, real life often contains the same mixture of mundane and exciting moments from one hour to the next, so it was nice to see it reflected in fiction.

It would have been nice to have a few more clues about what was happening with the mystery Eden was attempting to solve. There were fewer of them than is generally the case for cozy mysteries, and the storyline would have been more satisfying for this reader if the author had stuck closer to genre conventions in this area. This is a minor criticism of something I otherwise really liked, and I’m hoping I will get to read the second instalment of this series soon.

This book was filled with amusing plot twists that kept me guessing. Some of them were a little out of the ordinary for the science fiction and mystery genres which was delightful. I always enjoy being surprised by an author’s creativity, and Mr. Bush certainly fit that bill. As much as I wish I could share some of the inventive explanations he came up with, especially as it pertained to the mystery elements of the plot, this really is something that other readers should discover for themselves.

When the Time Is Right made me yearn for a carefree summer.

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