Wake Me by Angela Knight

Wake Me by Angela Knight
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Wedding Photographer Chloe Hart has just been dumped when she receives a mysterious gift — a painting of a handsome knight in a heavy gold frame worked with what appear to be magical sigils. She promptly hangs the painting up in place of her cheating ex-boyfriend’s portrait.

That night, she has the most delicious dream of Lord Radolf of Varik, the medieval conqueror who has just seized her castle. He seduces her in a red-hot encounter that makes her forget all about ol’ what’s his name. The next night, Radolf is back, this time as the captain of a pirate ship. Night after night, Radolf and Chloe act out some deliciously erotic scene from her favorite guilty-pleasure romance novels. And every single dream seems utterly real, down to the last scent and taste.

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Even as the two begin to fall in love, a new and horrible fear grips Radolf: what will the witch do to Chloe?

Chloe was determined to bounce back after a fairly brutal breakup – and when a mysterious stranger gives her an enticing oil painting of Lord Randolf of Varik the handsome, semi-naked Viking Knight whose image is captured, it’s all the distraction she could possibly hope for. The painting – and the handsome Viking – soon invades her dreams and subconscious as much as her waking hours. Will Chloe and Randolf be able to sort this magic out?

I really enjoyed this steamy and sensual romance novel. While the plotline isn’t very original, I found Chloe to be a relatable and modern character I could easily connect with. I was also really pleased that there was plenty of plot and not just sex between Randolf and Chloe. The author really fleshed out the tricky situation he found himself in and the trappings of his curse – I was so glad it wasn’t just some shady, ill-defined “cursed by a witch and the spell needs breaking” mention that didn’t really get explored. It helped me feel a better connection to Randolf and understand the misery and difficulty of his situation.

This story had a solid and well-defined plot and while it’s fairly magical and other-worldly, I feel readers who enjoy paranormal and faintly historical/magical styles of storyline should find it really appealing. While there is plenty of intimacy between Randolf and Chloe there is also a good balance of plot and discussions outside of the bedroom so I feel readers looking for a book that makes them think and sigh should really find this satisfying.

Readers looking for a fun and sexy book with a strong plot and a strong hint of magical twists should really enjoy this quick read.

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