Undercover Magic by Judy Teel

Cover_Undercover Magic

Undercover Magic by Judy Teel
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Paranormal, Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Full (208 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rated: 4 Stars
Review by Rose

In a dystopian future where paranormal creatures have assimilated into human society, a young woman fights to expose the mastermind behind an illegal drug only to discover that to stop him, she must risk losing everything – including her humanity.

Abandoned at birth, Addison Kittner’s been on her own since she was a kid–ever since the paranormal terrorists attacked cities around the world. Battling creatures that go bump in the night nearly destroyed human society. Good thing not all paranormals were evil and the terrorists were eventually stopped. Bad thing? Nothing would ever be the same again.

For one, highly addictive drugs can be made from vampire venom now that the truth is out. Add in a little magic and the drug becomes irresistible. Addison’s partner and on-the-sly boyfriend, werewolf FBI agent Cooper Daine, has been trying to find out who’s behind this new threat to humanity. But when he gets too close to the truth, he finds himself falsely accused of taking bribes from the very drug cartel he hunts.

Addison knows he’s innocent, but the FBI have other ideas and suddenly she finds herself in their sights. When they come knocking on her door and decide breaking it down is more effective, she does what any smart ex-street kid would, she runs. Next thing she knows, someone’s trying to assassinate Cooper, Lord Bellmonte is threatening to hurt her friends if she doesn’t find out who’s making the drug, and talented kid practitioners are disappearing from their school without a trace.

As the lies pile up, one thing becomes clear–the mastermind behind the drugs is someone more powerful and evil than anything she’s ever come up against. Addison doesn’t stand a chance of winning. Not without giving up the one thing she treasures most– Her humanity.

We’re in for a fun ride with this second installment of Judy Teel’s MAGIC series. We first met the characters in Shifty Magic and I strongly recommend you read that book first. Ms. Teel drops the reader right in the middle of the action in Undercover Magic and it would be helpful to already know who the players are and how they relate to each other.

Addy is a strong character who is not only trying to figure out who/what she is, but is also navigating the relationship circuit with Cooper while at the same time staying one step ahead of a corrupt FBI agent. Not to mention she also has to deal with the head vampire, Lord Bellmonte, who still has his own agenda going on.

Cooper has been accused of taking bribes, so Addy and her cohorts try to find the evidence to clear him– oh, and stay alive at the same time.

These characters are wonderfully drawn– you care about what happens to them. It’s an easy book to get lost in. When reading Judy Teel’s MAGIC books, I find myself in their world. I could so see these made into a movie/TV series and can’t wait for the next book in the series.


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