Under His Wings by Naima Simone

Under His Wings by Naima Simone
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (138 Pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

Warrior, lover…savior. A winged avenger with chocolate feathers and lavender eyes haunts Tamar Ridgeway’s dreams—her erotic escape after surviving a horrible plane crash and enduring years of painful physical therapy. But fantasy becomes terrifying reality when she’s attacked by a mythical creature from her darkest nightmares. Now her sexy dream warrior is vowing to save her, whether she wants his protection or not.

Nicolai Abioud, judge and executioner of the hippogryph, is stunned when the woman he rescues is the same who submits to him nightly in his dreams…and a replica of his dead wife. He’s fascinated by her beauty and spirit, consumed by the craving to touch…to take. Yet he lost his one true bondmate five hundred years ago. And falling for a human—no matter how beautiful—is a foolish risk. But the choice to love may be snatched away. Danger is closing in. They must conquer their enemy and fears, or be doomed to lose the love of a millennium.

Nicolai Abioud was the Dimios or executioner of his people the Hippogryph, he along with his three comrades make sure that rogues of his kind who harmed humans were brought to justice. He was also a man who needed someone to soothe his aches and take away the loneliness he felt, and he found that someone but only in his dreams.

Tamar Ridgeway was a plane crash survivor and had managed to put her life back on track after facing so many obstacles. She was most happy when she closed her eyes at night and was pulled into the warm embrace of her dream lover. There she found the solace and love she craved, even if it was only a dream.

Under His Wings is one of the best paranormal stories I’ve read so far. What makes it interesting is that the main male character is neither wolf nor vampire but an entirely different breed, but he is still an alpha male which is always a good thing. The characters were very well written with compelling back stories which gave you some insight into what made them tick. There was hot loving, conflict and of course a dark villain, all the elements that make for a rich story. I enjoy reading books by Naima Simone, she has a way of bringing her characters to life and involving the reader in their struggles as well as their love. Under His Wings will keep you interested from beginning to end, and of course you will still want more.


  1. Hi, Fuchsia!
    Thank you so much for the awesome review! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed Under His Wings! Thr-illed! LOL! This is one of my favorite books, and it makes me do a Jersey fist pump to find out you liked it so much.
    Thank you again!! Have an awesome day!

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