Two Days Until Midnight by Lynn Crandall

Two Days Until Midnight by Lynn Crandall
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (105 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Bird-shifter Lark Ellis has spent her life shielding her true identity. Now, to protect her flock’s habitat she’s taken a job that pits her mission against her secret and her integrity.

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Lark risks her identity and all she holds dear to help Tamier as their relationship develops into a promise of true love. As the deadline looms, Tamier must let her teach him to live or lose everything in two days.

Is Lark the key to the prison Tamier has built for himself?

Tamier’s situation is tragic. He’s spent years fighting his shift into a were-cheetah, and he’s losing the battle. The cheetah is taking control more frequently. With no one to talk to and unwilling to put others danger, Tamier never leaves his home. Lark has been working with Tamier for months, but only through phone calls or online. They’ve built a good rapport and have great chemistry that shines through each conversation, but neither believes the relationship could be anything more. Everything changes when Lark discovers Tamier’s curse and they meet face to face. However, Lark has secrets of her own. Secrets that might destroy Tamier’s trust in her.

Tamier and Lark have an interesting relationship. The contrast between how Tamier struggles with his shifting abilities and how Lark embraces hers is stark. When Lark shifts into a bird, it is beautiful and freeing. Tamier despises what he’s become and is trapped and alone, believing he has no other choice. It was wonderful to watch Lark show him how to embrace the cheetah inside, and also sweet to watch their romance take root and blossom. For the first time in years, Tamier is optimistic about the future. Unfortunately, the curse is about to drastically change Tamier’s life again. Tamier and Lark race against the clock to find a solution, but have they found love only to lose it?

Two Days Until Midnight is an entertaining read. The pacing is quick, and I enjoyed getting to know Tamier and Lark. The ending felt a bit abrupt but still satisfying. Fans of fast-paced romance should certainly check this paranormal out.

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