Turkey in the Snow by Amy Lane


Turkey in the Snow by Amy Lane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (100 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

Since Hank Calder’s four-year-old niece, Josie, came to live with him, his life has been plenty dramatic, thank you, and the last thing he needs is a swishy, flaming twinkie to complicate things. But when Justin, the daycare worker at his gym, offers to do something incredibly nice for Hank—and for Josie—Hank is forced to reconsider. Justin may be flamboyant in his speech and gestures, but his heart and kindness are as rock steady and dependable as anyone, even Hank, could ask for. Can Hank trust in his dramatic “turkey in the snow” to offer his heart the joy he and Josie have never known?

Sometimes the drama you don’t think you want is really just what you need. Hank is determined not to make the same mistakes twice. His last serious boyfriend was an over the top twink, sleeping with many people at once. Hoping to avoid drama altogether, Hank is dismissive of the cute but obviously swishy child caretaker Justin at his local gym. Trying to give his niece Josie a Merry Christmas and stable home at the same time as keeping his sanity takes all of Hank’s energy. Justin may be just the kind of drama Hank wants to avoid, but his help proves essential.

Turkey in the Snow is a quick holiday story with a feel good ending. Hank is a stable guy working at a bank and exists between working and taking care of his niece. Hank’s sister (Josie’s mother) dropped the little girl off one day and disappeared. His sister is known for her wild ways, so Hank is determined to keep and take care of Josie. That includes staying far away from cute but dangerous twink types. Hank is a nice character. He’s not particularly exciting per se but he’s well rounded and realistic. His determination and care for his niece is heart warming.

On the flip side Justin is a cute ball of energy. Maybe a bit too much energy as his personality comes across way over the top and initially I couldn’t see why Hank was so attracted to the very type that burned him before. However the story does a nice job developing both men and their relationship so the nuances and differences emerge. The plot moves along very quickly and a happy ending takes place mere days from the start of the book so there is a lot packed into a short amount of time. It leaves some details to be desired but overall the quick pace, nice characters, and sweet message make for a delicious holiday offering.

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