True by Laurann Dohner

True by Laurann Dohner
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (336 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Jeanie loves a New Species and is willing to pay for that love with pain, tears and heartbreak. She’ll do anything to keep 710 alive but she never wants him to know how she suffered for him. He’s the reason for her mission in life—freeing others like him.

True has a new life working with the NSO to rescue his people. A good life, until he encounters a dying woman—the female who betrayed him. True should feel gratified that she’s finally going to pay for her crimes, but she claims to be a victim too. He is still irresistibly drawn to the pretty little human who touched his heart and made him want her. When he clasps her hand to offer comfort, his instincts kick in and True will fight everyone to protect her.

Laurann Dohner has done it again! She did a fantastic job with this book. I loved it so much, could not put it down. Despite the promise to myself to take it slow and savor the story, I ended up reading it straight through instead. By the ending my hands were cramping from clutching my kindle so tightly, and I’d ran an emotional gamut from reading this wonderful love story.

Laurann Dohner changes up the series by putting a unique spin on this book. The story ushers in some new and intriguing characters, and catches up with some familiar ones as well. True and Jeanie are both fairly new characters, though we have had a few glimpses of True in a couple of the other books. Ms. Dohner plumbed the depth of each character in the story, though I didn’t always like what was revealed. Some of them acted different from what I’ve come to expect. Some were mean, while others shone brightly. For one thing, I am now dying to find out more about Darkness and his mysterious past. While I’m somewhat mad at Tim and Trey. This book had a complex plot, with an intricate tangle of betrayal, suspicions, and passion. Above all else, it told of a wonderful love story that was sweet and honest. This story was very dramatic with rich characters and plenty of suspense. The drama thickened as the plot unfolded and a web of deceit was uncovered. It had a clever villain who seemed to stay one step ahead of the game. The why of that was shocking enough to make this reader gasp. It was an ironic twist, in a way. As usual, Ms. Dohner had all kinds of things happening in this book. Yet, the main focus always remained with the romance.

I couldn’t help falling in love with True and Jeanie. I feel that their story is one of the more compelling ones in the New Species series. Jeanie was a good person who walked into something that was a bad situation. But she stayed and tried to help everyone. She fell in love with True, and that love was nearly her own undoing. I will say that some of the earlier scenes in the book were very hard for me to read. I could almost feel Jeanie’s frustration when nobody believed her story. Yes, she was definitely one of the strongest heroines in the series. Then there was True. What can I say except that he was the most perfect hero. *sigh* He was so steadfast in his support of his woman. Even when he thought she was guilty of betraying him, he was still drawn to her. Their relationship was sweeter than most in this series, though it was just as hot. Dohner never lets her readers down with the love scenes. In case you are wondering, they were scorching hot. Now, the villain always loses the game in the end. I’ll just say that it was very satisfying, and I loved how this game ended. Yet, I am left wondering about something. Was Ms. Dohner setting up her next book ? Maybe so.

What kind of magic is this ? True is the eleventh book in a series that just keeps getting better with each new story. Laurann Dohner simply must possess some kind of wicked writing magic. This book was perfectly written. There’s no way to critique perfection. Overall, I look at this book as some of her finest work yet. I loved it. New Species fans will be crazy for it. I predict that new readers will jump on the Laurann Dohner bandwagon. True gets a great big recommendation for everyone.

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