Touch of Breeze by Kelynn Storm

A Touch of Breeze by Kelynn Storm
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Contemporary
Length: Full length (164 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review by Dryas

A rare white were-jaguar, she’s on a mission to save her twin brother from certain death. She didn’t plan on teaming up with a Jag Guardian who would just as soon break her heart.

Mortician London Satos works with the dead by choice. Using her were-jaguar ability to witness their final moments, she helps them pass over in peace. Those special moments contrast greatly with the life she leads haunted by an ancient Japanese spirit with revenge on his mind. On top of that, her twin brother is missing. Just when she thinks she has enough on her hands, Breeze Dawson stumbles into her path and runs into the evil spirit. Feeling responsible, she thinks she must help him survive the evil spirit, but it doesn’t stop there. She is forced to team up with Breeze to rescue her brother from an evil madman intent on using him to fulfill a diabolical prophesy.

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London Satos is trying to reach her twin brother, Lincoln, via their twin bond because he had been kidnapped by hunters. Both she and her brother are rare white were-jaguars which makes them special. No matter how hard she tried, she was unable to reach him and is frantic for his safety but has no idea how to save him. When the hunters came for her, she managed to hide from them, but her cabin had been torn apart and she felt violated. As she could not stay in her cabin, she decided to head towards her work, the mortuary she owned.

Breeze Dawson belongs to a group called the Guardians which is run by a council that helps the supernatural Were-Shifters who are in trouble. In this case, they are rescuing a woman and her daughter who are being abused by her husband who is threatening. He knows the husband has all the help, while the two women will be destitute. Against his orders, he makes the husband transfer money to an account to support the two.

London is a very well-developed character who has been raised in a strict Japanese family. Their parents do not show any emotions as they are buried under decorum, she was also raised to respect her elders and that it was her job to take care of her brother. She is a woman of a lot of virtues, strength, a large heart, determination and bravery. London has a really cool gift as it seems like all the were-jaguars have their own special gifts. Hers is being able to help those that have passed away. She is able to see their final moments and that somehow makes it easier for the person’s soul to let go of their bodies and move on.

Breeze is a character with a lot of problems from his youth that affects him every single day. The only time he feels some peace is when he is with London. His parents died when he as young and he was placed with his uncle. Unfortunately, his uncle turned out to be abusive, which had him ending up in the hospital several times. I also enjoyed the fact that he also burglarizes the rich and give to the poor, just like Robin Hood. He is a man who does not like to follow the rules but he has a large amount of loneliness. The only thing that seems to keep the loneliness somewhat at bay was having a job, although he doesn’t really consider the team friends. He also has some trust issues. He has a lot of trouble sleeping as the nightmares keep coming of all the times he was injured or emotionally abused by his uncle.

The characters were well-developed with strong personalities and tragedies in their family. Breeze had to get over his abuse and London had to deal with emotionally cold parents.  The only thing I thought could have been drawn out a bit more is the attraction between Breeze and London. It’s a pet peeve of mine when someone falls in love at first sight. Of course, there is such a thing of as soul mates and maybe that’s what they were to each other.

This is a wonderful story full of some of my favorite elements: shifters, magic, and a great romance. Try it today.

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