The Wild World of Wiley and Juju: Wiley and Juju Go to the Library by Greg Walter

The Wild World of Wiley and Juju: Wiley and Juju Go to the Library by Greg Walter
Publisher: Self-Published/Halo Publishing International
Genre: Children’s (0 – 6 y.o.), Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Every child likes to have adventures, but what happens when things get out of control? In “The Wild World of Wiley and JuJu: Wiley and JuJu Go to the Library”, older sister JuJu is left to clean up the destruction caused by her frightened younger brother, Wiley. While books are falling off shelves and scattering everywhere, JuJu scrambles to catch Wiley and convince him to rejoin storytime. Storytime is fun, especially when it’s about your favorite animal!

No matter what you’ve done at a library, it probably can’t top this adventure.
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Mrs. Longerhans had some nice character development. As the librarian in charge of story time, she had a lot of work cut out for her when it came to keeping all of the kids interested in what she was saying. I was as amused by Juju and Wiley’s first impression of her as I was by how she gradually revealed other sides of her personality throughout this event. She seemed like someone who knew her job well, and it showed.

It would have been helpful to have more descriptions in this tale. Wiley ended up getting into some mischief during this visit to the library, so there was plenty of space here for the narrator to show exactly what this little boy was doing instead of sitting quietly and listening to stories. My imagination and the illustrations filled in many of the details, but I would have liked it if the plot could have thrown in a few more of them as well.

Speaking of adventures, Wiley certainly had a lot of them this day! I kept giggling and shaking my head as I saw all of the creative but honestly a bit naughty ways he came up with to entertain himself. He was the sort of kid who had trouble sitting still even for activities that were supposed to be tailored for his age group. I haven’t seen many picture books out there about children like him, so it was neat to have this explanation for why he kept doing things that his much calmer older sister had to make right again. They made his adventures even more interesting than they already were.

Anyone who has ever had trouble staying still or loves someone who struggles with that should check out The Wild World of Wily and Juju: Wiley and Juju Go to the Library.


  1. Greg Walter says

    I appreciate the kind words! Can’t wait until I publish the next adventure!

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