The Wedding at Moonglow Bay by Lori Wilde

The Wedding at Moonglow Bay by Lori Wilde
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

It wasn’t the wedding night she’d expected!

When Samantha said “I do” to Luca Ginelli, she knew she’d found a reliable soulmate—a strong, sexy man who’d stand beside her through thick and thin. And so she’d started her wedding day filled with joyful expectation, only to have her dreams shattered when the man she married years before shocking, unexpectedly, reappears, insisting she was still his wife!

Seven years before, Luca’s brother, Nick, had stubbornly set off in a sailing adventure, ignoring the pleas of his young bride and all common sense. He’d disappeared without a trace; everyone thought he was dead—but now he’s expecting to pick up where they’d left off. He’d once been Samantha’s “lightning strike,”—the person you know is the one from the moment you first see them.

But seven years is a long time and so much has changed. Now Samantha is faced with an impossible choice and no matter which decision she makes, it threatens to shred the very fabric of the one thing she holds most dear—family.

Lori Wilde’s latest novel does not fail to elicit tender emotions. The Wedding at Moonglow Bay tells the tale of an impossible situation. Samantha, a widow, marries her dead husband’s brother. All goes well until her husband shows up after missing for seven years and having been declared legally dead.

What can Samantha do about this mess? To complicate things, she has a child from her first husband, but she is better suited to her second husband. As the story unfolds this is reinforced. It seems like a simple choice, but Samantha has other people to consider in making this decision, and Lori Wilde has done well showing this.

Secondary characters add controversy and sometimes support for the struggling Samantha. Some of them surprise her. Who can she trust? This book makes a successful exploration of relationship dynamics while giving readers a descriptive sense of place. The theme of personal growth underlies the story and adds layers to it because more than one character faces harsh realities and must find a path forward.

For fan of contemporary romance, why not check out this latest installment of the Moonglow Bay stories?

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