The Valentine’s Day Ball by Julia Parks

The Valentine’s Day Ball by Julia Parks
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Genre: Historical, Holiday
Length: Full Length (304 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

This Valentine match was always meant to be.

Confirmed spinster and new mistress of the Heartland estate, Jane Lindsay is happy to carry the Valentine’s Day tradition and host a ball, even if she never made her own match years before. So, what’s she to do with this stranger who disturbs and distracts her?

Newly returned from the Indies, Lord Devlin is determined to acquire the magnificent Heartland estate. But when he meets the owner at the Valentine’s Ball, will Devlin set his sights on the luscious beauty?

This Valentine tradition just might hold true and match Jane with her perfect mate after all.

Is Jane destined to be a spinster, or has she given up on romance too soon?

Jane is twenty-four and already considered well on her way to being a spinster. Rather than mope about her situation, Jane finds joy and fulfillment in other areas besides romance. Her energy and zest for life make it very easy to like her. Jane’s optimism is very refreshing. She doesn’t look on spinsterhood as a curse. Instead, it seems to have the opposite effect. Jane feels free to be herself and while she doesn’t exactly throw caution to the wind, she doesn’t feel obliged to play any “games” when it comes to interacting with gentlemen.

Jane is also a very warm and caring individual. The servants in her house have been with her family for years and she truly considers them part of the family. Jane also takes her duty to her younger cousin, Cherry very seriously. Jane considers herself a guardian of sorts to Cherry, who is young and a bit reckless at times. While Jane’s intentions are good, I must it admit that I found it very interesting when Jane would reprimand Cherry for certain behaviors when Jane wasn’t exactly innocent either. This made Jane appear rather hypocritical at times, however, this flaw did make her a more realistic character.

Lord Devlin (Drew) is definitely not a man that Jane was prepared to meet. The chemistry between Jane and Drew is intense from the moment they meet. Both Jane and Drew have strong personalities and can be incredibly stubborn. In fact, the chief obstacle to their happy ending is their unwillingness to see their situation from the other person’s perspective. A lot of problems could have easily been avoided if Jane and Drew and taken a moment to listen to what the other had to say. While Jane and Drew did clash frequently, they did have plenty of lighter moments. Their lively and flirtatious banter always brought a smile to my face.

I definitely had fun reading The Valentine’s Day Ball. Jane and Drew are very entertaining characters. I enjoyed watching them slowly make their way to a much deserved happy ending. Fans of historical romance should certainly give The Valentine’s Day Ball a try.

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