The Twelve Kinks Of Christmas by Sean Michael

The Twelve Kinks Of Christmas by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Holiday, LGBTQ
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Can twelve not so innocent photographs change two men’s lives forever?

Kit and Jasper have been friends for a long time. A photographer, Kit takes the pictures for Jasper’s coffee table books on a variety of subjects. But Kit’s got a secret – he’s been pining for Jasper for longer than he cares to remember. So this year he decides to anonymously send Jasper twelve photographs, sharing his favorite kinks.
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Will Jasper figure out exactly who is sending him the kinky pictures, and what happens if he does?

Even though they’d been working together quite some time, Kit couldn’t deny his attractions to Jasper any longer. Wanting to test the waters without ruining their friendship or working relationship, Kit sends Jasper a kinky picture for each of the twelve days of Christmas. Will the photos work their magic and give Kit his best Christmas ever?

I really enjoyed this Christmassy and super quick short story. I loved how even though the story was very short we get to see Jasper and Kit first together for a little while as friends and co-workers before the cat gets out of the bag and the two men finally indulge in some seriously smoking hot sex with a bunch of BDSM toys. I thought they had excellent chemistry and it was clear their connection was that of friends as well as lovers – which was really nice to see.

This would be a lovely, fast read for someone who wants a small taste of Christmas or just a happy, easy, spicy read. While I could happily have read a longer story about these two men – and I’d have loved to see a snapshot or vignette of their epic trip to Ireland to experience those pubs! – the short sharp bite of this short story was plenty to give me a happy grin and lift my spirits.

Hot and sexy with just a hint of spice this was a lovely, fast, Christmassy read that I feel should appeal to many readers.

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