The Southern Belle’s Guide to Witchcraft by Loribelle Hunt

The Southern Belle’s Guide to Witchcraft by Loribelle Hunt
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (348 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Thistledown

Scarlet Burke isn’t an ordinary witch. She’s a Guardian, charged with protecting humanity from things that go bump in the night. And bite. Did she mention the biting? As if that isn’t enough she’s raising two teenage daughters to follow in her footsteps, juggling her crazy family, and avoiding the attentions of an amorous werewolf, Jake Mills, the chief police.
Jake has been chasing her for years. At times he’s bossy and possessive, but he’s just as often charming and teasing. And he’s definitely easy on the eyes. She has no idea what to do about him. He’s refusing to stay in the friend zone she’s placed him in for years. As he works his way more firmly into her life, her ability to resist him weakens.

To add insult to injury there’s a new evil in town and it’s gunning for her. But identifying the killer is even harder than finding him. As he begins killing off members of her family, Scarlet is in the fight of her life. When her daughters become the final targets of an ancient dark ritual she is forced to make an impossible choice. Fight evil with evil? Or hope that combing the powers of the witches and demons in town will be enough to defeat him? Failure is not an option.

When an unknown evil stalks Scarlet’s hometown can she find the source before it’s too late?

Scarlet is a Guardian. A witch in a small town in Alabama, she takes no crap from anyone and that includes the very sexy sheriff, Jake. Unlucky in love and trying to keep up with two teenage daughters as well as rid the town of all manner of paranormal pests, Scarlet has her hands full.

When her ex-husband is found dead in a ritualistic style killing and an unknown evil is discovered lurking in the primeval forest nearby, Scarlet and her family have a huge undertaking ahead. With strangers arriving in town and more supernatural hijinks unfolding, she will have her hands full. Jake (prepare for shifter crack) is content to let her investigate her own way but when things get out of hand, he’s ready to let a bit of fur fly.

The characters in this book are sassy and full of Southern charm. Her daughters are just delightful and I would never, ever want to cross Scarlet’s mama. No way. Romantic tension rose with every page and when Scarlet and Jake hit the sheets it was an inferno. I did get the feeling this was more urban fantasy than straight out romance but the sparks were sure nice when they flew. Spicy but sweet, this story is sure to please readers who love Kim Harrison and Charlaine Harris.

The only two issues I had with the book were head hopping and the feeling I had missed a first book in a series somewhere. It was a bit confusing in several points in the book but I was too busy trying to find out what was going to happen to be too concerned about it in the end. Overall, I enjoyed the read and look forward to trying other books in this author’s repertoire. The politics were interesting and the hunt for the supernatural baddy was fun. I can’t resist an author who loves to create smart aleck characters and write about sexy werewolves.

Vampires, elves, witches and shifters, oh my…

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