The Romance Novel Book Club by Kastil Eavenshade


The Romance Novel Book Club by Kastil Eavenshade
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Length: Short Story (124 pages)
Genre: Contemporary
Other: M/F, light bondage, spanking, masturbation, sex toys, multiple partners
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

From the legendary times of the Victorian Age to the rugged reaches of outer space, the romance novels have done nothing to spark Patricia’s want and hope of finding that one special man to call her own. She’s knee-deep into her thirties, near depression, and drowning her sorrows in pints of premium ice cream. When she falls for a waiter named Matt in her favorite restaurant, her insecurities do their best to thwart her plans of true love. It isn’t until she picks up one last romance novel that she realizes life cannot be lived within the ink splattered pages of an author’s fantasies. She has one chance to set her life straight and snatch the one man who gets her—mind and body. Will Patricia take it?

The Romance Novel Book Club is a gem. Absolutely hilarious, I laughed from page one to the end. Kastil Eavenshade is a romance author but she manages to poke fun at everything that has to do with the genre and does it well. As the book says at one point: “The truth about the romance novels was I did love them. They mocked me in my misery, but I still cheered for that happily ever after.”

The author also laughs about life and how confusing and difficult we can make it for ourselves at times.

Her lead character, Patricia, is great. She eats all she wants, drinks too much and laughs at herself, sometimes even through her tears. She is so human that along with her good moments, her pain, frustration and confusion are palpable. I felt miserable at times watching her crumble and sabotage her own happiness.

The biggest fault I found with The Romance Novel Book Club was a mistake in the hero’s height. At the beginning of the book, Patricia says: “I hovered about two inches taller than him without heels”. However, as I read on I found that she was always shorter or at least at the same height as Matt. For instance at one point it reads: “I nuzzled against his shoulder, tempted to kick off my shoes to be at his breast.”  She was wearing heels at that moment.

Another thing I found confusing was her history with The Black Room and her access to it. I had the impression she went one time without a membership card and another time she had trouble finding it when she’d just been there less than a week before.

Regardless of these mistakes, Kastil Eavenshade’s novel was a great read. The sex scenes were sizzling hot at all times with well done descriptions that made me gasp and pant. Furthermore, throughout the story I had the sensation that I was reading a contemporary novel in which real people, and not just made up characters, had the lead role.

The Romance Novel Book Club was a great book that I know I will be reading again.

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