The Rebel of Copper Creek by R. C. Ryan

The Rebel of Copper Creek by R. C. Ryan
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (272 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

A love worth fighting for . . .

The last thing widow Juliet Grayson needs is a man in her life. Between caring for her two young sons and maintaining her husband’s ranch, her hands are more than full. Then she meets Griff Warren. With his quiet strength and his easy way with her boys, she’s tempted to trust him. But if there’s anything she’s learned, it’s that love only leads to heartbreak.

Former Marine Griff Warren never thought he’d settle down. Rebellious and proud, he’s always been on his own . . . until the father he never knew he had died, leaving him with land that is his legacy and brothers to share the load. He doesn’t need more than that. But Juliet touches something deep inside him-and he wants nothing more than to protect her and her sons. Now if only he can convince her to take a second chance at true love.

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Juliet Grayson, at first, seems ineffectual. However, as the story progresses, she has surprises for the reader. Her mission in life proves to be a monumental task. How she copes, and how she and Griff relate to each other kept me turning pages.

“Success can be the sweetest revenge of all” was advice from a coach when Griff was twelve years old and a hot temper ruled his actions. He took this advice to heart. Now, at age thirty, out of the military after serving in Afghanistan, and trying to find his place with a family he never knew he had, Griff no longer feels a need for revenge, but to succeed is still a driving force in him.

His family is a story in itself, especially, the grandfather. Their togetherness, generosity, support for each other, and work ethic are not to be missed.

Juliet Grayson, owner of a ranch that is next to Griff’s family’s ranch, is out of her depth. She’s a city girl, but she made a promise to her now dead husband. She is determined to raise their two little boys on the old Grayson ranch so they can experience a childhood like their father’s. She, also, is trying to help wounded warriors like her husband had been before he died. It seems she’s losing the battle on both fronts.

The antagonists in the story make one shudder. Their actions rev up the suspense and create some breath-holding moments.

The story would have been even better if the ranching elements had been better researched. However, the people part of the story leaves the reader with a good feeling about family relationships and love making a way for two deserving people to find their happy-ever-after.

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