The Mechanic by Lexie Davis

The Mechanic by Lexie Davis
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (82 pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

When my mother drained my father’s bank account and nearly bankrupt his auto shop business, I stepped in to help. Long nights at the shop meant plenty of time for me to spend with Taylor Jensen. Alone.

From the first time I saw Taylor Jensen, I knew I was in trouble. He had the kindest blue eyes and the sexiest little smirk. He worked for my father’s garage as a mechanic. He was a bad boy with a good heart and I’d fantasized about him more than once.
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With all the bills piling up and my savings running out, I found myself in a bind with payroll. I had to come up with another arrangement for Taylor’s pay. The lines blurred with passion and our arrangement quickly became more. He made me feel wanted, desired. I didn’t mind getting a little dirty with him, but could I trust him to mend my fragile heart?

After Eve’s mother wiped their accounts and cleared out, Eve is determined to sort out the books to her father’s garage. It’s a mammoth task, but Eve knows she’s up for it. Taylor works with Eve’s dad and brothers at the garage and Eve knows full well that he’s a distraction she can’t afford. With the family business in dire straits, the finances in a mess and her family on the line Eve knows she shouldn’t be fantasizing about the handsome mechanic, but she simply can’t help herself.

I found this to be a fun and sexy quick story. While Eve and Taylor get hot and heavy pretty quickly, they’ve known each other a while and the short length of the story allowed me to accept the fast pace of their romance. Readers looking for more of a slow burn in that part of the storyline might not find as much satisfaction as I did with this, but I enjoyed both the characters and the style of the authors writing and could overlook the speed with which they hit the sheets.

The arrangement Taylor and Eve come to regarding his salary and back-pay that’s owed didn’t really hit the mark for me. I personally didn’t find it titillating or sexy and if it hadn’t been so well explained – and so very clear Taylor wasn’t taking advantage of Eve – I feel in different circumstances I might have even found it not to my tastes and been tempted to stop reading. I don’t think all readers will feel like this, the scene is exceptionally well written and I feel some readers might get a lot more out of it and be happy to overlook what their arrangement effectively boils down to. While I can certainly see how the deal Eve and Taylor strike helped progress their relationship and was a good plot-device, I just never personally really got into it and I felt a bit disappointed by that part of the story.

I was really happy though how the author did an excellent job of not letting the plot of Eve helping the garage out of their financial tangle to become just a footnote. The plot was well thought out and I felt the author did a great job of keeping it consistent and prominent throughout the story. This didn’t come across to me as filler or an afterthought to pitch between the sex scenes – but an important and coherent aspect of the story holding it all together. A lot of smoking hot, sexy stories don’t hit this kind of mark for me so I was really pleased with how well I felt the author did balancing the romance and the plot together.

Eve and Taylor are both wildly attracted to each other, in an unusual circumstance and are both consenting grown adults. While I’m not certain this will be every reader’s cup of tea, I found it well written, well plotted and with some promising secondary characters I feel sure future books will be based upon. A good, quick read.

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