The Lost Winter of Lyla Strauss by A. H. Scott

The Lost Winter of Lyla Strauss by A. H. Scott
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Historical, Action/Adventure, Romance
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

In this coming of age story, set in the Yukon of the year 1850: fur trapper and orphan he raised come face to face with the transformative dimensions of their relationship, from tragedies through time’s passage. Escaping the world of his past, Dancy Ruelaix ventured into the solitude of wilderness. Wanting to evade opening his heart to another human being, he always thought he never needed anyone. But, there was one person who could not live without him. Her name was Lyla Strauss. A season of change comes in “The Lost Winter of Lyla Strauss”.

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Vibrant characters are thrown together in a wilderness in 1850, and we jump from one perspective to another in the scenes. The story starts off with Coulton Hollister being in a precarious position and isolated, but he is rescued by an interesting duo. A young woman was raised by an older man who becomes her father figure when her parents died in an accident. Their relationship is tender but deep.

The language is wordy and flowery but there are some missing words such as articles, however the vivid descriptions bring to mind the settings. Some of the phrasing is poetic. There is much telling though, instead of showing.

There is a theme of prejudice weaved within the tale. Another theme of innocence and the losing of it underlies the story. Graphic language appears and then a steamy scene. This is more of an adventure story than a romance. It has some great surprises in it, and the conclusion leaves a reader breathless with its pace and the perilous situation in which the characters find themselves. The ending is bittersweet and unpredictable.

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