The Founders of the World: Revealing the Phoenixes’ Secret by Frederick McLewis

The Founders of the World: Revealing the Phoenixes’ Secret by Frederick McLewis
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short story (105 pages)
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

John is an explorer who works for a scientific magazine; therefore, he often has to deal with the wilderness. He can never have imagined that a package would turn his life upside down.

In the middle of one of his explorations, he will end up on an arcane path which will lead him to confront with great challenges concerning the universe and incredible treasures. What he will learn would shake people’s worldview. The history of the world, the people’s behavior…, everything around him will get another meaning. He will come up against enemies which will prove to be stronger and powerful than anyone else. This will force him to fight alone against an invisible empire which is hidden in our cities.
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An unparalleled journey through our belief and mind-set whose results could change the fate of the world.

What would you do if you fell into another world? Frederick McLewis has written an intriguing little story to explore this concept.

John is just a regular guy and while hiking one day stumbles and falls. He doesn’t realize he died, but he ends up in a parallel universe. There he meets up with his long dead brother and a group of scientists on a mission to reach the original universe. Seems good, at first. Then trouble starts. Seeing how John deals with corruption, readers are likely to find him to be an admirable character.

There are many clever parts to the story, as when John has to deal with the mundane in this different world. The differences are well-thought out. There is adventure involved as John and his new colleagues must explore an earth a bit different than the one John came from. Hard decisions must be made. Surprises and action keep things unpredictable.

There are a lot of grammatical errors and a lot of telling vs. showing, all of which could be fixed by a good editor, but it’s an imaginative story. When John goes to yet another new place, which is better than the first foreign world he visited, he compares it to his own earth. His world falls short in many areas. Strong opinions about his world pepper the story. There is a lot of discussion of his new utopia, and many good ideas are presented. However, some are really an invasion of privacy, such as sensors reading your emotions.

Overall, this inventive tale provides food for thought while bringing readers along on a sci-fi adventure.

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