The Deepest Rift by Ruthanna Emrys

The Deepest Rift by Ruthanna Emrys
Publisher: Tor Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (34 pages)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

In the deepest canyon in the inhabited worlds, giant mantas soar through the air and leave patterned structures behind. A team of sapiologists seek to prove that these delicate filaments are true language, not just bee’s dance. But time has run out, and their reckoning is upon them. Will they prove that their research is valid, or will they be scattered to the corners of the galaxy?

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The giant mantas truly felt like aliens to me. Not only was the world they lived in nothing at all like any environment we have on Earth, their species didn’t behave anything like humans do either. Sign language and the spoken word didn’t seem to mean anything to them at all. What made them even more interesting was the fact that they did show a few faint signs of communicating with each other, but the researchers couldn’t figure out what those messages meant or even if they were actually some form of communication. The more I learned about this species, the more curious I became to figure them out.

I would have preferred to see a little more time spent developing the ending. There was so much conflict going on in the earlier scenes that I was slightly surprised by how quickly everything was wrapped up. Even an extra conversation or two about the things the characters disagreed on regarding their research would have been enough for me to give this tale a five-star rating.

The relationships between Nitra, Meical, and Yevgeny were as complicated as they were fascinating. I can’t say much about how they all knew each other without giving away spoilers, but I deeply enjoyed the fact that the author put so much thought into their backstories and then allowed all of that information to slowly reveal itself at exactly the right portions of the plot.

I’d recommend The Deepest Rift to anyone who enjoys first contact stories.

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