The Corpse Princess by Jayce Carter

The Corpse Princess by Jayce Carter
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Erotica
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Karma is a bitch—but then again, so am I.

Ten years ago, a group of men murdered my mother and thought they had killed me. I’ve spent every day since planning revenge against the man behind the attack—my father. As the head of a powerful crime family, he won’t be an easy target, but nothing matters more than making him pay for what he’s done.

Now, I return in disguise, only to end up on the radar of The Quad—the four most dangerous men in the city, men I’ve been desperately in love with since I was a teen. I have no idea if they were in on the plan to have me killed, but I can’t stop myself from craving their taste, their bodies and their rough, domineering touches. Even though I know the risks, I keep falling deeper into our twisted relationship.

My plan is simple—find and get rid of the people who carried out the attack, kill my father…and don’t fall in love with the men who might have betrayed me.

This world already killed me once—let it try again.

Kelsey’s life ended when she was seventeen years old. Now twenty-seven, Nem is determined to put right those who did her and her mother wrong. If she can just accomplish that without her old bodyguards figuring out who she is, that would be great.

As the story moves along, we find out more about Nem’s past and her relationship with the Quad. Their role in what happened is not answered, but it doesn’t look like they had anything to do with it. How they got played when they’re supposed to be the best, I don’t yet know. I’m hoping it will say in the next book.

The four men are all very different and there is never any confusion over which one is speaking or thinking. Their ways of dealing with Nem, however, are pretty much the same, so expect some heat.

The one thing that got me throughout is her eyes. It is mentioned how different they are; how only her father shares them with her. And yet, even though they were like family, no one in the Quad has noticed Nem’s eyes. Don’t get me wrong – I know people can change in ten years, and she’s dyed her hair, etc., but you can’t change your eyes without putting in contacts, of which there is no mention.

This is not a romance in the typically used meaning of the word. It’s about sex, ownership, and vengeance. So, if you are expecting fluffy kittens and rainbows, this is not for you. If you want a raw, gritty, steamy, and action-packed story then I have no hesitation in recommending it to you.

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