Tempting Fate by Amber Lin

Tempting Fate by Amber Lin
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (91 pgs)
Other: M/F, masturbation, exhibitionism
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Poppy

Rose Murphy is ready to break free from her brother’s control. She’s ready to open her own ballet studio. And most of all, she’s ready to live without fear. So when she sees her brother’s lawyer, the man she’s lusted after for years, she gives in to her body’s desires.

A sexy show through her bedroom window whets both their appetites. On Drew’s next visit, he returns the striptease favor. Mutual masturbation gives way to a naughty late night phone call. She’s a breath away from everything she’s hoped for, but not everyone wants them to be together. When the relationship comes to light, their sensual peace may be shattered.

One of the more romantic erotic romances I’ve read. It’s not all about the sex, though the sex definitely features — all hot and sweaty — throughout. But, fact is, Drew is a gentleman too and has a romantic heart and there are obstacles to their relationship that mean they have to make the most of long looks, stolen touches and more. It’s an interesting mix of sexual tension and sex.

I fell madly in love with Drew. No wonder Rose is willing to do whatever necessary to keep the man in her life. I struggled to like her brother, Philip, at first and that dampened my enjoyment in the beginning. He’s a mobster of sorts and overly protective to the point of near obsession. I grew to understand his concern — Rose has a pretty traumatic past — but putting someone in a bubble to protect them is no life at all.

Thankfully, Drew understands this along with all the other oddities of her life. He’s truly the absolute perfect man for her. I understand this is part of a series, but I never felt as if I was missing a thing.

There’s drama galore, and action (remember, Philip’s involved in some shady doings), danger and love. Ms. Lin is truly talented and manages to balance it all well so you never feel overwhelmed by any one aspect of the story.

Well written, well plotted with real, flawed, and truly amazing characters, Tempting Fate was a romantic read that got the blood pumping. Sexy and sweet in equal amounts, I really did enjoy it and recommend it to fans of erotic romance that touches the heart.


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  3. Great review! I have read her debut and really enjoyed it.
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