Tangled in Tinsel by N. Jade Gray

Tangled in Tinsel by N. Jade Gray
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

Sugar Plum fairies eat your heart out. Madison Reynolds has visions of a different kind dancing in her head. Home for the holidays in Cedar Bend, Colorado, Madison must focus on helping her bedridden pregnant sister, not fantasize about the one who got away. But how is she supposed to forget about her high school crush when she bumps into him at every turn?

From the moment Ryder Sanders untangled the reindeer antlers from Madison’s hair his Christmas season appeared brighter. The time spent in her company leaves him more smitten. So, why does she still treat him as if he has cooties? They’re not in high school anymore.

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Oh my gosh, I have to start my review by talking about the heroine, Madison. I completely related to her in every way. Seriously, this book could have been written about my years in high school. I nearly died laughing throughout the entire story at the similarities between Madison and me. The connection I felt with Madison started on the first page and didn’t stop there. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. I’m still sitting here shaking my head, still beaming with a quirky smile. I thought I was the only person on earth that had a crush on a boy for all four years in high school, yet couldn’t even look or speak to him without hyperventilating while turning beet red. It was painful. Technically Madison is a book character, so I may still be the only human who, to this day, probably wouldn’t be able to form two words if I ran into my high school crush. This element alone in the story made my day and leaves me no choice but to recommend this book.

Honestly, the entire cast of characters were hilarious. Madison’s four-year-old nephew, Taggert, was a hoot. As a retired preschool teacher and a mother of two boys, I can testify that the author was accurate regarding a preschooler’s favorite food, to the innocent yet inappropriate comments a four old can make, and the shenanigans they can get themselves into. Taggert’s dad, Jim, had me roaring regarding his cooking skills. I could go on and on but I suggest the book is worth the read just to meet all the other characters.

Just so you know, not all the characters made me feel warm and fuzzy. There was one named Pilar who consistently stirred the pot. Pilar was unlikable and I would have guiltily enjoyed seeing her suffer far more than she did because of all the trouble she caused. However, the story would not have been as entertaining as it was without Pilar.

The heroine, Ryder Sanders, was so much like my high school crush I could barely take it. The chemistry between Ryder and Madison was very romantic. I looked up my high school crush on Facebook and actually found him. He was bald with a dad-bod. I’m pretty sure, despite his aging, I’d probably still not be able to form two coherent sentences. LOL! I’m so glad that Madison had her happily ever after with Ryder.

Concerning all the technical writing, plot creativeness, plot flow, predictability versus plot twists and everything else, I was impressed with all of it. I especially enjoyed the time of year that it took place in. Christmas is my favorite season.

I don’t have any qualms recommending Tangled in Tinsel. If fact, I think the book would make a great Christmas gift.


  1. What a fantastic and detailed review! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book!

  2. I also love a Christmas Romance. Loved reading this book and I really loved your review.

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