Sweater Weather by Alex Winters

Sweater Weather by Alex Winters
Hotbloodeded Holidays, Book 1
Publisher: Luminosity Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, LGBTQ, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

“Oh, the weather outside is… sexy!”

At the ripe old age of thirty-seven, Colton Masters has given up on romance, especially during the holidays. A confirmed bachelor whose job staging high-priced homes for a successful local realtor has him rolling in dough but lacking in social graces. Colton is perfectly content spending another Christmas home alone, watching, well… Home Alone! That is, until he sees his sexy young neighbor, Memphis Nash, streaking across the back porch wearing nothing but an ugly Christmas sweater — literally!

A millionaire entrepreneur who’s staggeringly rich and online famous for knitting ugly Christmas sweaters on camera wearing only… ugly Christmas sweaters, Memphis is mortified that he’s been spotted in the wild — and in the buff — by his silver fox of a neighbor. Or is he? Memphis immediately pretends to “borrow sugar” from sexy Colton, if only to make sure he hasn’t called the cops on him for indecent exposure! Thus begins a playful back and forth of introductions, flirtations and, ultimately, an invitation over for a holiday sleepover-slash-pajama party, with only the two horny neighbors in attendance. Suddenly, Colton and Memphis can’t wait to unwrap one another… one ugly Christmas sweater at a time!

Cute holiday read!

I’ve read others by Alex Winters, and I knew what to expect from this story and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s quick, the writing moves along pretty well, and I wanted to see what would happen for the characters. It was a cute holiday read.

Memphis is famous for Christmas sweaters and uses an original way to market them. I liked the originality. Colton is perfectly happy to be on his own. Then he sees Memphis and things change. I liked the organic way they got together. It was cute.

I wasn’t so much a fan of the age gap in that it wasn’t much of a gap. Yes, there’s a 14-year difference, but Colton being 37 wasn’t really that old. I liked that they were from two different perspectives in life, but bringing up the age difference was a bit much. It didn’t feel authentic at times.

Still, the romance between them sizzles and even though this is a short story, it was satisfying. The author found the right balance of getting the characters together and the rest of the story. I liked it.

If you’re looking for something hot this spring to warm up a cold evening, then this is the short story for you.

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