Stoking The Fire by Megan Slayer

Stoking The Fire by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQ, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Men Wanted—because sometimes love matches need a little magic.

Andrew ‘Duff’ Wagner goes straight to the gods to get his love match made. He relies on Men Wanted, the matchmaking service run by Apollo, Artemis, and Eros to find his perfect match. He’s in love with a certain lawyer, but there can’t be enough magic in the cosmos to get them together, right?
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Christian Foley knows exactly who he wants as his match, but he works with Men Wanted to find the perfect partner. He’s got a thing for Duff Wagner and won’t rest until he gets a date. Christian and Duff might have a chance if only Duff’s ex would stop butting in. When he finally hooks up with the sexy shop owner, they have to decide if their passion will go up in flames or start the fire to last forever.

Christian and Andrew had both been attracted to each other when Christian was the lawyer helping to deal with Andrew’s mother’s estate. With the serious business linking them though they both let the opportunity slip away. When they are both matched together on Men Wanted – a matchmaking site – they each feel the second chance given to them was too striking to pass up.

I found this a fun and interesting explicit romance. I enjoy second-chance style stories and this was no exception. Each man had let the opportunity pass them by the first time for their own reasons, but I enjoyed watching them reconnect. There is a very loose paranormal element with the matchmaking company being run by Apollo, Artemis and Eros which I found to be a hoot.

I really enjoyed the burn between Christian and Andrew and found the rekindling of their relationship a fun and interesting read. I thought the smaller subplot revolving around Andrew’s previous weekend fling was a good bit of extra tension and conflict in the story and was pleased that while a little predictable it was different enough that I still found the addition to the storyline interesting.

Readers looking for a slightly fanciful, steamy hot second chance romance story should find this really suits their needs. I enjoyed this story and will definitely be happy to read more by this author.

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