Running out of Time: The Disease by Elisabeth Martin

Running out of Time: The Disease by Elisabeth Martin
Publisher: Jopoto Publishing
Genre: Time Travel, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Contemporary, Historical
Length: Short Story (54 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

“After a global pandemic and the loss of those closest to me, i used a time machine to try and save the world before we run out of time. There’s a problem. One wrong move can cause a ripple effect and harm rather than help.” James

James didn’t want to see his partner die like this.

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It’s a race against time, against the actions he does, and when James realizes who the real patient zero is, he knew for a fact that the future would be determined by whatever move he’d make next.

Will James figure out how to eliminate the threat in a humane way? And will the actions he does really change the future for the better?

With his time machine he built as a hobbyist project years ago, James has the power to travel through time, but what he doesn’t realize, is that sometimes, when the past changes, the future can get a whole hell of a lot worse as well.

This is the first in a series of time-travel books and has the exciting and scary premise of trying to survive a global pandemic. A man, James, figures out a way to go back in time when he sees so many people around him dying. Humanity is in serious trouble. He must go back and find patient zero but then kill her. If anything with his plan goes wrong, the consequences are unthinkable.

When James goes after the unfortunate young lady at the root of this, people do not know his real motive and go after him. James can feel time breathing down his neck. His adventures into the past are interesting, and the people he recruits are important to his end goal. It’s a short story, but we get to know some of the characters enough to worry for them and their future. This story is painted with inventive details that push the plot forward. The world building is well done, and the moral questions brought up will have one thinking. Even if James succeeds in his task, will the future really change for the better? That is another sticky question.

This quick read was entertaining and worth a look for fans of time-travel stories.

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