Rub Me The Right Way by Kelli Scott

Rub Me The Right Way by Kelli Scott
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (29 pgs)
Other: F/F, M/F, Spanking, BDSM
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Heather Bowen is an uptight, stressed out insomniac in desperate need of a massage or a shrink or an orgasm to cure what ails her.

On doctor’s orders, she starts with a massage to work out her knotty/naughty kinks. At the hands of a talented massage therapist, Heather gets a full body rub down. And more. Next stop—a psychiatrist to get at the root of her anxiety and sleeplessness. But is she ready for Dr. Simon’s controversial treatment?

What begins as prescribed therapy becomes a wild fantasy ride of erotic discovery that makes Heather question her sexual orientation along with everything she believed about her carnal desires.

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I enjoyed how natural Tasha and Heather came together. The build up between them was well paced, neither seeming to push the other. Tasha suggests she try some new techniques on Heather, and Heather is delighted – thoroughly enjoying her first massage. I found the smooth, slow progression of their mutual seduction enticing and eye-opening. As the book is entirely in Heather’s point of view there were a few short places where I found it difficult to gauge what Tasha’s true thoughts and motivations were. At times she read to me as a little emotionally removed – despite her sensual and skillful actions. In these places I questioned whether Tasha held ulterior motives, or whether she merely did just want to “try out” her new techniques. I found myself losing some of that erotic build up in these areas. Mostly though this extended scene was a realistic, steamy coming together of two girls. I particularly liked how neither were instant porn stars. Heather describes some of the sex sounds, and there were a few times as they came together where limbs were awkward and Heather was unsure of the mechanics of girl on girl. It made the read much more realistic to me and funny in a sexy, hot way.

For a reader who isn’t very big on F/F (like myself) I thought this was a cute, easy introduction to the genre. There’s a really intriguing twist half way through that caught me totally by surprise. I can’t say much more without spoiling – but after Heather and Tasha’s scene there is progression, and a smoking hot M/F scene with Heather. The male character is a large, domineering man who is equal parts anti-hero and sexy dominant. There is some mild bondage (the use of restraints), dirty talk, spanking and a sex scene that I found very hot, but isn’t for the faint of heart.

This story won’t be for everyone, but I found it delightfully explicit, well written and the erotica sizzling hot. If you’re open to your stories being on the raunchy, naughty side, don’t mind a bit of F/F action and like your heroes tall, darkly handsome, not necessarily pure of heart and more than a little spicy, I’d recommend this story for you.

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