Review: The Firm: Nutcracker

The Firm: Nutcracker (Book 3 in series)
by Tuesday Morrigan

Kaden Lionheart, secret proprietor of Lyon’s Den, is shocked and intrigued when he finds himself attracted to another Dom, a Mistress that goes by Noelle. The two Alphas collide and the sparks are intense. When Kaden wakes after a night of wicked, uninhibited sex, he discovers the Mark of the Mate on his palm. Mistress Noelle is his mate. And he doesn’t know a single thing about her.

When the threat of blackmail brings Mistress Noelle to his door, Kaden discovers Noelle is none other than the infamous corporate powerhouse Sabrina Noelle, known to the many men she’s crushed as Nutcracker. Determined to find out who is using their desires against Sabrina, Kaden agrees to help her expose the blackmailer.

Kaden has three weeks to finalize a multi-million dollar deal, convince a woman known as Nutcracker that she wants to spend the rest of her life with a shape-shifting lion, and figure out exactly who is blackmailing her. Then there’s her irritating ex-boyfriend…

This was an interesting read that held my interest through each page. It’s always interesting to see how each author who explores the BDSM lifestyle will explain the feelings and relationships behind such needs. I was not disappointed by Tuesday Morrigan’s descriptions and insights.

Kaden is a great Alpha hero, who also happens to be a shape-shifting lion. He is accustomed to taking what he wants when he wants it,and from his first glimpse of Sabrina he wants her. Sabrina is an interesting heroine who is known for her hard and uncompromising boardroom tactics. She’s been hurt one too many times and just wants someone to relieve the pressure of always being in control. She is unique in that she can be either dominant or submissive, but both are equally important to her mental well-being.

I enjoyed this story, and found that I wasn’t overwhelmed, which can sometimes happen when trying to understand the BDSM lifestyle. I liked that it wasn’t made light of, or made to seem distasteful but, was given the understanding so often missing from these types of stories. It took a great deal of trust on both characters’ part to move beyond just the physical side of their relationship into the more emotional side. The entire story was very well handled and I liked the added elements of the supernatural that made the story that much more interesting and unique. A definite recommend for those looking for a “deeper, darker side of love” read.

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