Review: Jingle Buns

Jingle Buns
By Judy Mays

Daniella Becker should have a great life. The pastry shoppe, Jingle Buns, which she owns with her closest friends in Chicago, is a great success. She’s young, pretty and attracts the interest of more than a few men — attracts their interest but then loses it because of small birth defect, an enlarged clitoris, that frightens them away. Her heart has been broken often enough that she’s sure she’ll spend her life alone.

Her friends, however, refuse to give up and decide to find a man who will appreciate her natural endowment. And there just happens be a tourist from Germany who’s discovered their pastry shoppe, Maximilian Arnalt. They’re sure he’ll be perfect for her. After all, everybody knows many Germans like kinky sex.

The one thing they don’t know is that Maximilian is a vampire.

I knew, just knew that this story was going to be one I could sink my teeth into.
When I read the blurb for Jingle Buns, I was in a lather to review this book. It was worth the wait.

When we first meet Danielle, I wanted to give her a BIG hug. Especially after what that jerk did to her. Even worse is what he did to her later and at that point, I wanted to dump him into a big vat of itching powder.

What the author did when she wrote this story is bring to the fore something I’ve heard of; women with enlarged clitorises. But I never thought it was that big a deal, that it could subject those women to rejection and ridicule. To be emotionally traumatized by rejection about something so natural blew my mind. Yet, I accept that there will be guys out there who will reject women who aren’t their ideal and unfortunately, aren’t very nice or considerate in making those refusals.

Thank goodness Maximilian came onto the scene. Now he’s my perfect ideal for a vampire hero. He’s alpha in a big way (his job demands it), hard of body, strong in determination, clever, graceful, debonair, hot, sexy and he’s hot. *grin* I enjoyed seeing him be first perplexed by Dani and then fall fang over heels for her. I figured it was perfect that he found her enticing, seeing as how he’s lived so long — he knew the value of the kind of person Dani was. The author’s little tell-tale signs that Dani is more than Max suspects is unique and refreshing. And what’s a good vampire romance without a good Bite scene? Judy has Max deliver and oh, how I wanted to be Dani right then. Yummy.

I also was impressed with how Judy introduced me to the intricacies of the world in which Dani and Max live. The Loremaster is an interesting touch. I even got teased with vampyre politics and potential conflicts for future stories. I’m intrigued enough to want to learn more, to read more about this world. What a delight.

Bet you are going to enjoy the secondary characters too, Penny and Teddy. They’re great friends and the verbal interplay was adorable. I found it refreshing that these people were so open about their lifestyles – you get to enjoy the teasing, the laughter and the warmth they all had for each other. Makes you feel good.

The dialogue flowed naturally, the scenes were well written, editing was great and time zipped by so fast that I couldn’t believe it when I got to the end. The ending wasn’t mushy or an over dramatized romance – it was pure Daniella Becker.

Jingle Buns will have you celebrating romance,love and hunky vampires.

And Judy Mays is going to tease you with something at the end too. A pleasent surprise is in store for you,the reader. Talk about a sweet ending!


Reviewed by Xeranth

BTW – if you check the site to buy this book? You’ll notice the blurb there has Danielle named Gabriella Becker. Do you realize that is the ONLY typo I found? LOL

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