Review: Hunter’s Moon

By M.J. Spickett

Her pack demanded she take a wolf king. Who knew the sexiest, most
protential wolf king was already the largest part of her life. Kayla O’kqua has been a werewolf alpha – queen – for many years and has yet to take a king.
Her duty has been to protect her family, and her pack, but when her path crosses that of a sexy new wolf she may have just found her new mate. However, looks can be deceiving and this new wolf may be someone all too familiar to her.

I enjoyed this tale of the werewolf alpha who is also a wife, a mother, and some sort of cop, as well.

Kayla and Kevin, her shaman husband, show true love and real affection for each other. Kayla is a strong alpha wolf, who has duties to her pack she takes very seriously.

I was surprised at the ease with which Kayla had a sexual encounter with a stranger while being married. That bothered me, personally, even given the ending. There were also several minor editing issues that occurred that I only mention because they affected my overall rating.

Other than that, I highly enjoyed the tenderness and devotion shown by Kevin to his wife. They made a wonderful couple on the page.

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Reviewed by Aster

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