Pickerton’s Jiggle by Riya Aarini

Pickerton’s Jiggle by Riya Aarini
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Children’s (0 – 6 y.o.), Contemporary
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Pickerton Wickerton is a particular pig who loves to stay clean. But when he accidentally lands in the mud, he becomes upset! Will Pickerton learn that all it takes is a jiggle to shake off the dirt? The delightful rhymes and charming illustrations in this picture book are sure to entertain!

“Good morning again,
to bubbly, kind me!
It’s you I wake up
each fine day to see.

“Hello, floppy ears
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Welcome curly tail
and cool, freckled nose.

Pickerton’s Jiggle is a story of how one happy-go-lucky pig overcomes life’s setbacks. Difficulties can be resiliently shaken off-and, as Pickerton shows, all it takes is a jiggle!

Unpleasant things happen to everyone sometimes. They can’t always be stopped, but maybe there’s another way to make them less bothersome.

The rhyming scheme in this picture book was perfect. Not only did it clearly share Pickerton’s adventures as he went through what appeared to be a pretty ordinary day for him, the rhythm of the words made me want to sing them as I was reading. They were all placed exactly where they needed to be, and the images they created in my imagination made me smile.

I adored Pickerton’s attitude. He was such a tidy pig that I wasn’t sure how he’d react when he accidentally fell into a big mud puddle. That would certainly be enough to annoy many humans and pigs alike! While I’ll leave it up to other readers to discover his reaction to that unfortunate accident for themselves, I will say that he was an excellent role model for any kid who is suddenly dismayed by something small but irritating.

While they weren’t described in as much detail, I also appreciated the references to other setbacks Pickerton had experienced and how he dealt with them. They showed a positive pattern of behavior for this cheerful little pig that made me wish for a sequel. He seemed to have so much more to say to his audience. I don’t know if the author is planning to write one or not, but there is certainly plenty of room for one here if she decides to do it!

Pickerton’s Jiggle was filled with joy. I’d eagerly recommend it to readers of all ages.

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