Partners In Deed by Hollis Shiloh

Partners In Deed by Hollis Shiloh
Publisher: Spare Words Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (77 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Shy Kevin and outrageous Rhys are buddies and police partners—and they sleep together a lot. Neither one is very mature, but they have fun together and can depend on each other.

Rhys is part wolf shifter but can’t shift. Kev is a former overweight teenager who doesn’t stand up for himself very well. But he wants to be somebody’s one and only someday—not just a sex buddy.

When it’s time to get certified as the official shifter and partner team their precinct needs, the process reveals fundamental cracks in their relationship, tensions that have to be resolved—one way or another.

Rhys is a quarter wolf shifter. While his shifter side is diluted enough he can’t change into a werewolf, he can beat pretty much any human in any physical challenge without even breaking a sweat. So his work precinct is making him take some extra training to be a proper, certified cop shifter. While not opposed to the extra work, Rhys and his human police partner, Kevin are both perfectly comfortable with their partnership as it is. Neither wants to rock the boat. So Rhys talks Kevin into doing the certification with him. But the fierce training shows them both problems neither had been aware of…

This is an interesting read I really enjoyed. While I’m not always a fan of stories written in the first-person I quickly got into the swing of this one. I enjoyed the ribaldry between Rhys and Kevin, two guys who, while perfectly grown up, often acted like immature teens together. I felt like it gave the whole book a relaxed, casual tone that had me smiling and happily turning the pages. I had a few questions about the world building – like how can someone be considered a wolf shifter, and be a quarter werewolf but not be able to change? – so it felt a little like I was entering a series mid-way through. While I usually hate that, I did enjoy the characters and story itself, so I could push back my own questions about how some of the things worked.

There were some descriptive foreplay-ish kind of scenes – M/M, obviously – and a very small amount of non-explicit sex. I found all the physical romance to be tastefully written and deliciously spicy. I think most readers should enjoy them as much as I did – only those who want to avoid M/M or prefer “sweet only” stories should steer clear. There is nothing outrageous or even really erotic here – just two men in a happy, consenting sexual relationship.

I found the plot to be interesting and quite fresh, I’ve never really read a book like this so the newness kept me entertained. I also really enjoyed the author’s style and tone. I found Rhys and Kevin to be interesting, layered characters and found myself engrossed in their world and their getting certified. Their relationship underwent quite the drastic change and this added strongly to the emotional content too.

A fun, fast paced story I really enjoyed. I can strongly recommend this work and plan to look up more by this author.

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