Over The Line by Sierra Cartwright

Over The Line by Sierra Cartwright
Book 3 in the Mastered Series
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (162 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, masturbation, spanking, anal play, toys
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Bittersweet

He can’t say he wasn’t warned…

From the moment he’s cautioned to avoid the submissive who snares his attention, Dom Michael Dayton is intrigued. With her tight dress, flowing hair and honest dialogue, what could be more perfect than a few hours together?

Sydney Wallace fears only one thing—being tied down. She lives for adventure and fun, including the occasional BDSM party. By always scening with different Doms, she avoids emotional entanglements that might complicate her life. A man who owns a ranch and has roots deep into the soil is definitely not the kind of Dom she wants to play with.

Sydney has never met anyone as complex as Master Michael Dayton. From the moment he issues his first command, she knows he’s different. He watches her reactions, sees what she wants, and unselfishly gives her what she needs. Getting involved with a man like him would be the biggest risk of her life, crossing over all of lines she’s drawn to protect her way of life.

After the first night together, Michael realises he should have heeded the warning. But it may already be too late…

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Over The Line is book 3 in the Mastered series, but like the other two books in the series it can be read as a standalone.It is in the Den, the place run by Master Damien where subs and Doms get together, where we meet Master Michael and the infamous brat, Sydney.

Master Michael is dreamy. Cowboys are not usually my thing, but for him, I’d gladly make an exception. He’s a gentleman and at the same time a dominant alpha that knows what he wants and how to get it. He’s complex, but he’s also caring, kind, compassionate and patient. He can cook, he can lasso, and though he might not have a dog, he has a lovable goat, Chewie. He wormed his way into my heart.

Sydney is a wild girl. Master Michael might be complex, but she’s complicated. As a matter a fact, Master Michael is warned to keep away from her. He ignores the warning and with him I was pleased to discover an elaborate character in Sydney. She might be a sub with her Master, but she’s passionate, independent and adventurous. She also knows what she wants, and that is where the conflict arouses. After a previous bad experience, she’s hesitant to let anyone into her heart, and even less so, if he’s a Dom that could potentially control her life like her ex had.

With a raging chemistry from the beginning, both sexual and verbal (their constant sparing brought more than one grin to my face), the characters begin playing tug –a-war. As emotions and feelings become involved, each of them tries to bring the other into their territory, both of them unwilling to compromise, until they figure out how to work things and eventually find their HEA.

Meanwhile, while they agree to disagree, the sex scenes Ms. Cartwright depicts are beyond scorching. Sucked into the BDSM lifestyle by her words, I once again loved the way she had of explaining certain things while making them erotic. One of the things I particularly enjoyed in this book is that it explored heavier aspects of sadomasochism. As Sydney says: “The harder the better. As you’re probably gathering, I find it easier to get off when there’s erotic pain involved.”

The book was wonderful and I read it in one sitting, including the preview of the promising next installment, In His Cuffs, which I will be looking forward too.


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    Love sierra cartwright

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