On the Mountain by Peggy Ann Craig

On the Mountain by Peggy Ann Craig
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (248 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

On a cold and still night, a frightened woman makes a frenzied escape down a wooded mountainside. Fear is her only companion. Silence is her only salvation.

Anna Nicholson had lived all her life under the shadow of prejudice in the remote village high on Mount Louis whose reclusive people were considered as wild and primitive as the wilderness from which they lived. So when she awakes one morning to find herself in a stranger’s barn with a rifle to her face and no memory of how she got there, she is overcome with a gripping fear. Yet, instinctively knew it did not arise from the big and burly cowboy standing directly behind the Winchester rifle or the other nine fierce cowboys who called the ranch home, but instead from a memory she could not recall. Mistaken for a mute teenage boy, Anna is able to hide unseen and unheard from an evil she could not recall.

Wade Haddock is the rough and tough but lonely cowboy who finds a frightened Anna in his barn. Convinced the isolated wilderness was no place for a woman, he allows Anna to hide away on his sprawling Rocky Mountain ranch believing her to be a mute teenage boy. While gradually succumbing to the bond growing between them, the wall around his guarded heart begins to slowly crumble. Only to discover Anna’s deception. And a memory that could destroy their love.

A lone woman running from an unnamed fear ends up in a ranch under the protection of a burly cowboy who believes her to be a mute teenage boy with no memory. It could either make their life or destroy it.

The hero in this novel is a cowboy who loves his land and has owned it since inheriting it from his father. Unlike his siblings who strayed more towards their English heritage, he loves his mountains and the ranch and never wanted to leave it. So when one day Wade Haddock finds a ‘mute teenage boy’ in a barn who can’t remember how he came to be there or the last 24 hrs, he hires the boy, who is really a young woman, to work on his ranch. He forms a bond with him/her. From there the journey leads them to finding love and the mystery of her life unfolds whilst bringing a torrent of pain and guilt that would take a lifetime to heal.

From the first page I was hooked. The writer knew how to spin the story to this reader’s liking. Still, there was a point when Anna gets settled on the ranch that the mystery of the book seemed to disappear or came to a standstill. The romance almost took over. There were a few places like that where the tempo would slow and just as I began thinking of maybe stopping the book something would actually happen. It was enough to keep me reading and wanting to know how Anna and Wade’s story would play out.

I loved the actions and personalities of all the characters. The intrigue into what happened to Anna added some heart stopping moments when things started unfolding. I don’t think readers will get bored because the characters and the romance between the two had just enough heart and heat. I liked that the author sprinkled in little bits and pieces of Anna’s past throughout the story rather than dumping it all in one place. It helped build the story and keep it going.

Mystery with romance. A heady combination.

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