Old Money by Bobby Cole

Old Money by Bobby Cole
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery, Action/Adventure
Length: Full Length (288 pgs)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Jake Crosby has traded in a stockbroker’s suit and tie for a standard-issue uniform. As a newly minted Mississippi game warden, he has two tough cases to cut his teeth on—the ongoing robbery of wealthy hunters and the ruthless search for a rumored hidden fortune.

According to local gossip, several million dollars have been missing since the conviction of local conman Bronson Bolivar, and following his death in prison, his two grown children have torn his property apart looking for the funds. As Jake searches for the robber who targets well-to-do outdoorsmen, he finds a trail leading to the Bolivars. But the allure of quick cash also draws unexpected interest from both Bronson’s former cellmate and an upstanding federal judge. Will Jake understand the severity of the situation in time or get caught up in a web of deceit?

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When unclaimed money is concerned people are liable to do just about anything to get their hands on it, each person for their own personal reason; be it for a good or for selfish pleasure it doesn’t stop one from dreaming and even going on the hunt for the almighty dollar. The town story is that Bronson Bolivar hid money, not even disclosing the location to his children. The line of people wanting or just dreaming to get their hands on the money is quite lengthy.

Judge Ranson wants the money to get his wife’s medical treatment. So he places Jake to keep a close eye on the Bolivar children. I was a little puzzled why his wife wasn’t on dialysis for her kidney problems, but I’m not in the medical field and there was too much other story to focus on so I left that as an afterthought. The Judge’s love for his wife and her getting the proper treatment was very heart touching.

This is a book that just doesn’t focus on one storyline. I felt it bought about many tangents that the author could touch on later and as a reader it gave me a more filling read because it made the characters seem so real and their life as though it’s not fiction. My favorite character would be Virgil Fain, Jake’s coworker and his yellow lab, Kramer.

Virgil has experience and knowledge in all things. He adds a certain flare to the book with his logic and humor in what he says and does. One thing I did notice that the author didn’t reveal how Virgil’s banana diet turned out at the end of the book. Kramer was a handful for Jake’s wife Morgan and the things he got into brought about realness to the family life.

I enjoy this author’s writing style. This novel flows with a unique plot that is told with true talent. The suspense and action!  I felt sorry for the Bolivar twins, Chase and Chance. Their father had money but didn’t disclose to them where it was located before he passed. As a parent we know our children and perhaps Bronson knew the money would be his children demise, but then on the other hand it could have been that Bronson was just as selfish as his children and didn’t want anyone to end up with the money. The hunt for the money ruled his children’s lives. Tracking down their father’s cellmate to see what information he has about the money, to fabricating lies, stealing, and to finally each twin having their own secret from the other. This was not a model family but following their journey and the depths they would go to to get their hands on their father’s hidden money is a story that is worth reading.

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