No Such Thing As Can’t by Melissa Kendall

No Such Thing As Can’t by Melissa Kendall
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (53 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

After a string of failed relationships, thirty-five-year-old Madeline Majors worries her life will never be complete. Her obsession with having a child and her inability to conceive—even though a multitude of doctors have said there is nothing medically wrong with her—drives her to Madame Evangeline as her last resort.
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Garth Summers is a shape shifter with a problem. As Alpha of his pack, he must have an heir by the time he is fifty years of age or a new alpha is chosen from the eligible males in the pack. But as a wolf shifter, he can only conceive with his mate who he has yet to find. With only six weeks remaining, he turns to Madame Eve for help.

Can a one-night stand bring two people the one thing they most desperately want, or will the reality of what they are send them both running?

I enjoyed this short shifter romance. The story had some great aspects like true mates, insta-chemistry, wolf pack suspense and hot sex. It kept me interested from beginning to end.

It was need and desperation that drew Garth and Madeline together. Garth stood to lose his position as Castle Pack Alpha unless he had an heir on the way by his fiftieth birthday. Madeline wanted her own child more than anything but her biological clock was already ticking. So they decided to take a chance on Madame Eve and met up for a one night stand hoping they would get lucky.

This was an entertaining and fast paced book. The plot was intriguing with a couple of suspenseful scenes and a unique spin to added to the story. I would have liked more about the mythology of the Castle shifters and at least a mention about what happened to Garth’s evil nemesis. I was left feeling a bit disappointed about that, but it won’t keep me from reading the next book. I’m already looking forward to What She Needs, book two in the Castle Wolves series.

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