No Regrets by Sean Michael

No Regrets by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Holiday
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Drake is a musician and singer with a career that has spun out of his control. When he gets an invitation from and old friend to come and spend some downtime in the country, he happily turns of his cell phone and heads to the middle of nowhere.

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Drake is a successful musician with a massive following and more than enough on his plate. When an old friend, Scott, sends him an invitation to come spend some quiet time on his farm for Christmas Drake is tempted enough he not only goes – but switches off his phone and disconnects to properly enjoy the peace and tranquility. Can Scott and Drake each find a deeper happiness together?

This short story was an absolute delight. It’s a reprint (this story can also be found in the anthology “Welcome To Love”) but good enough I’m pleased to have gotten it as a standalone as well. Drake is burned out and I feel really needs to find himself again. Scott is far more stable and after losing his lover a few years earlier to cancer is ready to at least try to open his heart back up again. I loved how the two men didn’t simply jump into bed with each other – but slowly edged their way together instead. Having not seen each other since high school, even though they knew each other at heart they’d both done a lot of growing and changing in the years since they’d been good friends; so it made sense they took a little time to feel their way out to one another.

The sex was deliciously hot and I adored the emotional connection that both men relished growing together. While Drake and Scott definitely weren’t shy about sharing their bodies or becoming steamily intimate it was the relief and rest Scott and his small farm gave Drake and the human connection Drake gave Scott which really made this relationship sing to me. The men connected well sexually – but they each gave the other something else that they really, really needed. This helped make the story so realistic and so wonderfully emotional and romantic to my eyes. This was deeper and more intimate/romantic than just hot sex, this was about friendship and need which blossomed wonderfully to love.

The author did an amazing job with these characters and the circumstances bringing them together. This was a lovely, heart-warming story and one I know I’ll enjoy rereading many times in the future. Recommended.

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