Mysterious Island by Greig Beck

Mysterious Island – Lemuria by Greig Beck
Book 1
Publisher: Severed Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

On a desolate beach in far northern Scotland, the winter storms have been washing up all manner of things since time began. But buried in the center of one smaller iceberg is a shard of ancient Viking pottery telling a partial tale of a hidden mysterious island beyond the ice and mist, that was home to a great treasure and even greater horrors.

Thawing in the same block of ice was a rotting flap of skin that refused to be identified but had similar skin patterns to a creature not seen for 100 million years.

Now, Troy Strom and the enigmatic Elle Burgan race to find the mysterious island of legend, while staying ahead of a group of brutal killers who claim to be the rightful owners of the greatest prize of all – Odin’s heart.

Troy Strom met Elle Burgan when they were children, and both drawn to the larger than life displays of Viking history in the museum. As adults they reconnected again on the path to finding the mysterious hidden island of Lemuria – an ancient take they both believed truly existed. They quickly discover they’re not the only people on this trail, and the dangers lurking everywhere aren’t just from the adventure and hidden monsters – but from the other seekers as well.

I really enjoyed this full-length novel. While it’s only the first in a trilogy it has all the hallmarks of an exceptional adventure tale – a hidden location, dangerous monsters, secret treasure and riches and of course a huge cast of merciless killers determined to take it all for themselves. A fair bit of this story is “setting up” for the next two installments, but I was pleased the author still kept the tension high and the pace moving forward at a good clip.

There is a wide cast of characters, some just cameos with a defined purpose and others part of the various larger teams that will clearly be part of the reader’s journey through all three books. I feel some more action-orientated readers might feel the pace of this book, particularly in the beginning, is a little slow. There is quite a bit of foundation to lay – a lot of the history and Viking lore, a strong and realistic explanation of how the various puzzle pieces were discovered and helped lead our teams to finding the location of the mysterious island and also just the logistics of setting up such an expedition. Personally, I feel this was all done really well, and with enough movement, murder and mayhem to keep the pace moving right along and not lagging in the slightest. I also felt a lot of this history, background and knowledge was vital to help explain why the search for this island was so important and how it could have stayed hidden for so many centuries.

Even though this is the first book in a trilogy I feel the story is quite well contained within just this book and absolutely I feel it can be read by itself. There isn’t really a cliff-hanger style of ending which I was very grateful for, but equally it’s quite clear there is another book that will carry the story on as there are plot points left unfinished. This is an excellent first installment though and while I hope the remaining two books come soon – there is not that feeling of being left hanging to make me irritated and impatient with the wait.

Beck is a brilliant author when it comes to adventure, monsters and a rollicking good tale. He excels at blending history and monsters; danger and adventure and I feel this is a book where all those exceptional talents of his really shine. I feel many readers will love this book as much as I did, and I can’t wait for the next two in the series to be released.

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