My Favorite Things by Lynsay Sands

My Favorite Things by Lynsay Sands
A Christmas Collection
Publisher: Avon Books
Genre: Historical, Holiday, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full length (353 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

All I Want

With Lady Prudence’s father gambling away the family’s savings, all she wants for Christmas is to haul him away from London’s most notorious gaming hell. Yet the wickedly handsome proprietor, Lord Stockton, refuses to let a lady enter his establishment. Now Pru needs a Christmas miracle to make her wish come true—and to resist succumbing to Stockton’s charms.

Three French Hens

Brinna’s life as a scullery maid changes with the arrival of the castle’s newest guest, Lady Joan. Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, Joan suggests that look-alike Brinna take her place at the Christmas festivities. Suddenly, Brinna finds herself being wooed by a true gentleman, and getting the best Christmas present of all: a new life.

The Fairy Godmother

Odel is told by her godmother that she must marry by Christmas, and even gives her fairy dust to separate the mice from the men. But Odel has sworn off love…until kind and generous Michel catches her eye. He shows Odel how good it can feel to fall in love, but will it be enough to convince Odel to trust her heart?

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All I Want

Prudence and Stephen are such a fun couple to watch! Their tale is the perfect start to this collection. Prudence has so many outlandish schemes and plots to try and stop her father from gambling, and they all go hilariously wrong. While Prudence has good intentions, chaos always seems to follow her. I never knew what she was going to try next. Prudence certainly keeps Stephen on his toes, and I found myself laughing throughout their story.

Despite how much fun it is to watch Prudence and Stephen, her family’s situation is very serious. Ms. Sands perfectly balanced Prudence’s amusing antics with the precarious financial situation of Prudence’s family. My heart broke for her when she finally gave up hope just as she and Stephen realized they were falling in love. I will say the solution to Prudence’s problem was a bit predictable, but was very sweet.

Three French Hens

Brinna and Royce’s story was unusual. When Lady Joan and her best friend Sabrina practically force Brinna to impersonate her, I had serious doubts about Brinna’s ability to learn to successfully impersonate a noble woman. This implausible plot was made a bit more believable by the fact that barely anyone at the party truly knew Lady Joan. Sabrina is especially irritating in her efforts to keep people as far away from Brinna as possible while she is acting as Lady Joan.

Royce is very persistent and makes every effort to get to know Brinna, thinking she is Joan. Brinna and Royce have great chemistry, and I enjoyed watching them fall in love. I really had no idea how the story would end, and I must say that the conclusion was interesting if a bit abrupt. Brinna’s happy ending is well deserved.

The Fairy Godmother

Odel and Michel’s story is my favorite in this anthology. I felt so sorry for Odel. While her father was living, her life had no joy. His passing allowed her to breath and live life on her own terms. Unfortunately, her fairy godmother, Matilda, seems to have other ideas. Matilda seems to think Odel needs a husband. Despite Odel’s protests, Matilda presents Odel with a multitude of suitors, and all of them are completely ridiculous.

Michel is a breath of fresh air. Of all the couples in this anthology, Odel and Michel’s relationship felt the most natural. While they found each other attractive, they didn’t fall in love at first sight. Instead, they grew on each other. I loved watching them spend time together talking and playing chess. With Michel’s help, Odel gradually came out of her shell. Their happy ending is extremely satisfying.

I highly recommend My Favorite Things to fans of historical romance. It is a heartwarming collection of stories sure to get readers in the Christmas spirit!

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