Mistletoe And Molly by Jennifer Snow


Mistletoe And Molly by Jennifer Snow
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, holiday
Length: Short Story (80 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Molly Bishop needs new winter tires and an excuse to avoid Christmas dinner with her family. What she doesn’t need is to be rescued. Aiden Ford disagrees. Successful, confident, and not at all Molly’s type, he sets out to ‘help’ her, and a war of Christmas kindness ensues, driving the two into each other’s arms—that is if they can stop arguing long enough.

Broke and needing new snow tires – along with the usual food and rent – Molly Bishop is contemplating donating a kidney for the much needed money. Overhearing her conversation with a co-worker, Aiden Ford leaves his business card, a C note and a reference to get her tires changed. Annoyed by being viewed as needing to be “fixed” Molly tries to return the money, but Aiden refuses. Deciding to interfere with his life as he’d done hers, she signs him up to temporarily home a shelter dog – a miniature Chihuahua named Layla. A fun, lighthearted “war of kindness” is what follows.

Brimming with laughter, Christmas spirit and a healthy dose of spicy romance, this book is fantastic fun. Both Molly and Aiden are quite attracted to each other, but equally frustrated and irritated. I loved how Aiden and Molly are both strong minded, independent people who don’t like giving an inch. As they each try to one-up the other by “fixing” each other’s life, the chemistry between them smolders and grows, guaranteed to explode with sexy consequences. I really enjoyed how this wasn’t a “regular” romance story. While yes, they do help each other neither is initially very accepting of the other’s help. They’re not pig headed about it, but each so strongly resists the sense of being “helped” or fixed the situations they both create made me laugh and really enjoy this different way they came together and realized their true feelings for one another.

With a bunch of interesting secondary characters, and strong ties between everyone, this light hearted romance really had me giggling and sighing happily. Perfect for a chilly evening or curling up and relaxing over the weekend, I’d think this would appeal to a broad range of readers.

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