Minotaur Revisited by David Gelber


Minotaur Revisited by David Gelber
Publisher: Ruffian Press
Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Fantasy
Length: Full Length (244 pages)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Legend states that the Minotaur was confined to the Labyrinth, slain by Theseus and then laid to rest by thousands of years of Greek mythology. But, the truth is far different. Read the Minotaur’s own words as he recounts his full life as god, king, warrior, matchmaker, midwife, monk, sage, father, mother, husband and, most of all, witness. The fierce Minotaur lived to see and be a part of the best and worst of humanity during a life spanning thousands of years. Part bull, part human, the Minotaur struggled to find his place in this world and, in the end, left his unique mark on history.

The book begins in the present with the arrival of the Minotaur as a guest lecturer to a room of students. I am sure they got as caught up with his words as I did when the huge bull-headed beast told his life story, reflecting on the historical ages and events he witnessed. He made me feel as if I traveled with him during his long life. I experienced his escape from the Labyrinth and accompanied him as he traveled through events in the past I’d read learned about in history class. Now the Minotaur colored in the pictures and brought the smells, sights and sounds to life. His story not only revealed historical facts and pictures, I also found out how the Minotaur felt, what he thought about mankind and bovine (he is half bull) and why at times he shunned both man and animal and lived a life of seclusion.

I enjoy reading Greek Mythology so wasn’t really sure I’d like a fictionalised version of the classical story, especially as it was written in the first person. A lovely surprise was in store for me; the book kept me spellbound from beginning to end.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read or don’t like Greek Mythology, or if history is not quite your thing; this book tells it as it is with no long treatises. It’s pure entertainment from beginning to end. I commend the author for his attention to detail and for writing a story I thoroughly enjoyed and was sad to put down (because I’d reached the end of the book).


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