Meant to be Immortal by Lynsay Sands

Meant to be Immortal by Lynsay Sands
Publisher: Avon Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Mac Argeneau knows all too well: immortals can be killed. Not with holy water or silver crosses, but by decapitation or being set on fire. So when Mac’s house bursts into flames—with him inside—he’s sure it was no accident. But who would want to kill a scientist specializing in hematology? There is a silver lining: a blonde investigator appears on the scene and sparks feelings in him that have been dormant for centuries.

CJ Cummings is in town on a special investigation, but she’s been waylaid by the local police to deal with this arson case. The biggest mystery is how this sexy scientist with silvery blue eyes has emerged from a blazing inferno without a burn mark on him. He’s clearly hiding something. Sure, she’d love to see him without his lab coat, but she’s got a job to do—despite his insistence that he needs a bodyguard and…he wants her.

But when a second attempt on their lives puts CJ in harm’s way, it’s Mac who will do anything to safeguard the woman who’s destined to be his life mate.

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CJ has sworn off men but not for the reason I thought. Her reason is sound and I can understand her reticence in giving Mac a chance to get close. One of the secondary characters gives Mac a helping hand and the hero makes the most of it, but to balance that, he does respect CJ’s choice and leaves it up to her to make a move when she is ready. I like that the heroine surprised Mac in a way he didn’t expect.

The conflict is mostly external. CJ is there to investigate allegations against a cop but she’s being stonewalled. As evidence mounts, she’s getting the picture that something isn’t right and when more victims turn up, and the town expresses their anger, she knows her investigation needs to wrap up right quick – answers are being demanded and she’s the only one who can get them. That’s a serious and convincing plot vehicle and the author worked it to the max. It doesn’t overwhelm the budding romance between Mac and CJ though, in fact if not for its existence, they wouldn’t have met this soon. I say that because as fans of the series know, if I say the name Marguerite … they know what I mean. Yes, she shows up but is mostly in the background because it’s Bricker and Decker that come with her that help Mac and CJ the most. And, if fans remember the Bricker/Decker duo, witty repartee, teasing and shenanigans are usually mixed in for comic relief. They’re very effective and it was a lot of fun watching them interact with the hero and heroine.

Oh, I have to mention Marguerite again. Why? Because I think the lady at the bed and breakfast is going to star in a future book. I could be wrong…but I don’t think so. I’ll have to read other reviews after I’m done writing this one to see if other readers caught the same thing. Inquiring minds want to know.

Now the big reveal. I always look forward to seeing how Ms. Sands is going to have the love interest of an Immortal find out about their strange diet requirements and all those other fun details. All I keep envisioning in my brain is how CJ’s face must have looked like watching a certain thing happen in increments. I had a goofy grin on my face through most of the process. I totally cracked up from the Casper the Friendly Ghost reference. I never know when Ms. Sands is going to tickle my funny bone because in all her books in the Argeneau series, I’m guaranteed a few loud HA!’s, snickers and giggling. Meant to be Immortal is no exception. I was thoroughly entertained.

There is a lot more ground to cover about this novel, from other secondary characters, the town’s police personnel, the hot, ice-melting dream that proves CJ and Mac are life mates, CJ’s family history and so much more, but I’ll leave that for readers to discover. Just know that Meant to be Immortal is another satisfying romance from the fertile imagination of Ms. Sands and is definitely a recommended read.

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