McClintock’s Reluctant Bride by Caroline Clemmons

McClintock’s Reluctant Bride by Caroline Clemmons
McClintock’s Book 3
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (176 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Nettie Clayton’s well-planned life is stolen in a few moments when Josh McClintock mistakes her window for that of her carousing neighbor. Never mind that Nettie’d had a crush on Josh since they met. Because of his carelessness, she loses her coveted teaching position, the community’s respect, and her father’s high opinion of her.

Josh McClintock’s free-wheeling life comes to an abrupt end after his birthday celebration. He works hard by day on the family ranch; he plays just as hard on weekends. He loves being single to play the field of willing females and has no plan to marry for five or six years. One drunken mistake alters his life and Nettie’s forever.

While Nettie and Josh struggle to deal with an unwanted marriage, a crazed villain planning his revenge against the McClintock family targets Josh and Nettie. Can a reluctant bride and groom conquer the odds to discover a love that will last through all time?

A mistake, not of her making, leads Nettie to a marriage that may be doomed from the start unless they find it in themselves to work together as partners.

Nettie’s dream is to find a teaching position and help her younger brother to become a doctor. One night of drunkenness by the town’s bachelor leads to a forced marriage. At first glance, Nettie would be classified as a shy woman, but as Josh finds out, there’s a fiery spirit kept in check there, just waiting for the right catalyst.

Josh McClintock is a hard worker, helping his father on their family ranch. But by night he parties hard. The consummate playboy, it would be hard to truly dislike Josh and to his credit he is attracted to Nettie, he just didn’t plan to marry her. Actually, his plans didn’t extend past the next willing bed partner. There was some real humor in the situation that forces Josh and Nettie to wed. That was nice because the author could have taken it into a different direction when Nettie’s dad walks in demanding answers.

This is a historical novel where the setting, language and colorful descriptions felt very accurate. It was easy to picture the story as it played out. The story is simple, not overly complicated. What really makes this story special are the characters. They were easy to cheer for and it was nice to see them end with a HEA despite the rocky start. The writing and the plot are good. But the story highlights the characters, at their best and their worst.

McClintock’s Reluctant Bride shows how family and love can come into your life in different ways. It has humor, heart and just enough heat to satisfy readers who enjoy a good western historical romance that begins with a shotgun wedding. Worth the read.


  1. Caroline Clemmon says:

    Thanks for the kind review. I hope readers enjoy McCLINTOCK’S RELUCTANT BRIDE.

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