Marked by Sean Michael

Marked by Sean Michael
Publisher: self-published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Cody can’t help but watch Barker, even if he knows it’s stupid, especially around the full moon. Even with sunglasses to hide his deformity, though, he can’t keep Barker away from him, and he can’t manage to say no when Barker calls Cody “mine”.

Barker has never agreed with the pack banishing Cody. So what if Cody doesn’t fit into the narrow confines of what the pack says is normal? He should never have let Cody go, and he’s not about to let his mate slip through his fingers again.

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Cody is caught somewhere between being a man and a wolf. In agonizing pain every month but unable to fully change, he has struggled alone with this for more than ten years. He can’t help himself though, Cody is constantly drawn back to Barker, his mate, whom Cody can’t resist but equally can’t give in and finally bond with. Thrown out by the pack, cursed and assumed he would soon die, Cody knew his would be a life of isolation and pain. But Barker isn’t willing to give up on his mate and is determined there must be something they can do to help Cody. Can they find a way to work through this?

I enjoyed this paranormal romance. Cody and Barker have a bucket-load of chemistry and the attraction sizzles right from the very first page. While it’s clear the two men have been circling each other for years, the sex between them is explosive immediately and as the reader it took me a few minutes to catch up and realise this was far deeper and more emotional than an erotic story of insta-lust. Both Cody and Barker are right on the edge, having denied themselves over and over for a decade now and each have grown and matured to the point where they’re ready now to try and make their situation work.

Often these sort of highly intense and explicit paranormal stories are written so the growth between the main characters and the relationship itself is the plot – but I was really pleased the author made this story much more than that. While yes, Cody and Barker need to define and grow into their relationship and the issues they’ve each carried with them for their ten years of back-and-forth there was also quite a few other plotlines – Cody’s inner wolf, his inability to shift and the complications from his Clan and family having thrown him out and tried to kill him when he was excommunicated. There is quite a lot of other items happening in this story and I feel that balances out the large amount of explicit sex quite well.

I was impressed the author didn’t just hedge around a number of these plot points and personal issues – I feel they were well detailed and resolved throughout the story in between the sex and relationship development. While Cody and Barker’s relationship was central to the story I feel the author did justice to the paranormal plot and particularly the more complicated plot surrounding Cody’s family as well. Readers should be aware though that there is a suicide attempt in this story (not overly graphic and certainly not in a titillating manner) that might be difficult/confronting for some readers.

Seriously hot and explicit but with solid character development, a complicated relationship and a number of interesting sub-plots I really enjoyed this story and feel it should satisfy many readers.

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