Malice Striker by Jianne Carlo


Malice Striker by Jianne Carlo
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (180 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed By Tulip

Can a mere mortal Viking tame the daughter of a goddess?

When Scotland’s King Kenneth orders his death and kidnaps his sister, the Viking Brökk—the Malice Striker—plans his vengeance: he’ll steal the king’s bastard daughter from Sumbarten Abbey and use her to buy his sister’s freedom. But his schemes go awry when his liege lord commands him to wed Skatha—and when he finds five women instead of one at the Abbey, none will claim the King as father.

When the Viking abducts Skatha and her women, she’s bewildered. Why did Brökk seize her? Why does he want her for his wife? She weds him willingly enough when he threatens to kill her companions, but she vows to control her own destiny and escape. For if the Viking discovers her secrets, the laws of his people will force him to cast her aside…or kill her. And even Skatha, daughter of a goddess, might not escape the Viking’s wrath…

This was awesome book! It was a multidimensional story-and not unlike a delicious Oreo cookie – I couldn’t say which part I liked best. Yes, I went there.

The story starts off with a bang. Brokk has just kidnapped the girls and is trying to discover which one of them is the King’s daughter. When the fierce viking threatens her friends, Skatha steps forward and reveals her identity. The bastard daughter of Scotland’s king and a goddess, this girl is nobody’s pushover. But it was when she met Brokk’s arrogant demand that they marry with a few of her own demands that I got my first glimpse of her true spirit. Yet, it was the Brokk’s arrogant demeaner that got me curious about what kind of hero the writer had created.

The writer created exciting characters that were vibrant and easy to like. Now, I’ll admit that my first impression of Brokk was all wrong. I thought he was one of those blood thirsty beserkers who was going to break my beloved heroine’s heart. How wrong I was. Brokk was the quintessential alpha hero – strong but caring. While Skatha was the perfect heroine – spunky yet vulnerable. They were perfect for each other in every way. Even in their honesty. After a rocky start to their relationship , Brokk and Skatha were truthful with each other. He told her the truth about the events that brought them together. And despite the reality that it could mean the end for her , Skatha revealed everything about herself. Ms.Carlo created the perfect couple – each with their own physical imperfections and insecurities.

This muti-layered story is very character driven. But the bones of every good romance novel is the HEAT. Ms. Carlo definitely brought the heat with this steamy story. The love scenes were scorching hot and OMG! delicious. The love between the two leads was wildly romantic and they admitted their love early on in the story. Brokk stole a piece of my heart with his unconditional acceptance of Skatha. Even though he over-reacted a bit in his need to protect her it only endeared him to this reader even more.

And now we come to the climactic ending that even I never saw coming. The true villain was revealed with a flurry of surprising twists and turns. I sure didn’t see that one coming. Even more welcome was the bit of humor between Brokk and the Abbess at the end.

Bottom line: Malice Striker is a top notch historical romance . This story grabbed my attention and kept me flipping those pages well into the night. I just couldn’t put it down until the end and it still left me wanting more. Just like that delicious Oreo cookie. LOL! Seriously… it’s a great start to the new series. If you’re looking for a steamy story to loose yourself in for a few hours with characters that you can’t forget ….then this is the book for you. I’m giving Malice Striker five flying stars and my highest recommendation.


  1. Hi Tulip,

    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to review Malice Striker. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed Brokk and Skatha’s tale!

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