Making Sense by Serenity Woods


Making Sense by Serenity Woods
Sensual Healing Book 2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (227 Pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

One night can loosen the grip of the past. Only love can break it completely.

Sensual Healing, Book 2

Freya Fletcher longs to travel and use her nursing skills abroad. But while her father keeps gambling away her meager savings, she’s anchored to her hospital job and family responsibilities.

When friends ask her to a bar one evening to support a local band, Freya goes along reluctantly. But she’s glad she took the night off when gorgeous Nate Taylor turns out to be the lead guitarist and singer. Too bad there’s no room in her complicated life for anything resembling love.

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Luckily, the delectable Freya doesn’t want a relationship either. They come together for one night, just casual, no strings. But one night quickly turns into several. Before long they’ve fallen in love, but until they can find a way to break free of their pasts, a happy future will remain only a distant dream.

Freya Fletcher longs for a different life, one where she is free to travel, and use her nursing skills to help others. Too bad family responsibilities keep taking all her money, keeping her tied to the one place she’d love to escape. When her friends convince her to take one evening for fun and relaxation at the local bar, she hesitates at first. But once she is there, she is fascinated by one of the band members they came to hear. Nate Taylor has a unique talent, just not with his music. As a young teen, a car accident left him with the power to heal others, and he is on the run from the family that abused that talent and his trust. He isn’t able to handle relationships any more than Freya is, so it seems like the perfect match; two people who just want some no-strings romance and easy-going sex, no talk of happy ever after. The funny thing is, they forgot to tell their hearts, and as the saying goes, life is what happens when you just aren’t looking for anything special. Can Freya stop enabling her father’s gambling and say no to her family? Can Nate come to terms with his past, and move on, making a place in his life for Freya? Or will the weight of their combined responsibilities drive these two fractured souls apart?

Making Sense is Serenity Woods’ second book in her Sensual Healing series and is set in her familiar Australian world, where things are sometimes unseen, but no less real. I like this world, one where people are open for new and different experiences, and you never know if the person next to you is just your regular person or a psychic who talks to the departed. As always, her characters are multi-faceted and well crafted, and are folks who make you laugh and cry in equal measure.

Freya Fletcher is a strong woman, with responsibilities that keep her from fulfilling her dreams. She has a strong sense of family loyalty, but wants more from life than she has gotten so far. When Nate offers a chance at some ‘no-strings’ sex and fun, she accepts, telling herself that it is all she wants in her life. I liked watching as she fell under his spell, and discovered that there was always room in her life for love. I loved watching as Freya grew and found the strength to, finally, tell her family that enough was enough, and that she was finished enabling them. I loved that Nate supported her decision in that.

Nate Taylor is a sensitive, caring man, handsome and a bit of a wounded hero. His family abused his talent for healing, and pushed him to the breaking point. But rather than strike out at them, he just walked away from it all, using his gift quietly, out of the spotlight, with small things. When he meets Freya, he sees in her a kindred spirit, someone he can relax with, and enjoy a ‘no-strings’ relationship with. I liked Nate, with his gentle manners and his caring nature, and loved watching as love sneaked up on him with Freya. I loved his sense of honesty and fair play; at no time did he lead Freya on, and always was up front with her.

The chemistry between Nate and Freya is hot, almost from the first moment they met. I like that there was no hesitation, and that they both head into this with no expectations other than a good time. I enjoyed catching up with the characters from the first book in the series, and look forward to more from this world that Ms. Woods has crafted. The secondary characters deserve to be applauded for their ability to see that these two would have more than either of them expected, and I totally enjoyed watching these two learn about life and love together. This is for all of those who want their romance on the hot side, with some unexplainable powers thrown in. One warning: keep the fan on high, and lots of ice at hand, because, like most of Serenity Woods’ romances, this one goes to scorching quickly and quite often.

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