Loving the Cowboy by J.P. Bowie

Loving the Cowboy by J.P. Bowie
Hot in the Saddle #3
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Alstroemeria

When Tim meets Ryan it’s Yippee yi yo kayah! at first sight…almost!

Tim Barrett, working at the Seven Plus ranch, receives some terrible news and has to fly home to Reno to comfort his sister. When he returns, it’s to find the owners have hired a new hand, ex-wrangler Ryan Horton. At first wary of Ryan’s flirting, Tim can’t deny that he’s attracted to the man.

Tim’s been through an awkward relationship in the past, and he doesn’t know very much about Ryan, apart from that the man’s hot in bed. When he presses Ryan for information, it causes a rift in their fledgling romance.

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Can Tim navigate a path through the various obstacles that seem determined to get in his way before finding a safe haven in the arms of the man he’s learning to love?

Some readers may be used to things heating up at the Seven Plus Ranch, but Loving the Cowboy is my first rodeo! Focusing in on ex-wranglers Tim Barrett and Ryan Horton this third installment in the “Hot in the Saddle” series is an excellent stand-alone story that has me so thrilled to find out that I have some more reading to do!

Tim and Ryan both have troubled pasts when it comes to relationships, but it doesn’t take them long to figure out they might be the solution to each other’s problems. With an incredibly fast-paced plot that is both fueled by moments of tension and incredibly sexy scenes that don’t leave you high and dry, Loving the Cowboy is everything you could want from a whirlwind romance between two devastatingly handsome and experienced ranchers.

J.P. Bowie makes this novel a thrilling ride not only for his characters but also for the readers with moments dripping with sweet tension, wondering if everything will work out for our heroes. The emotion in this novel fuels every piece of the puzzle in all moments whether they be sweet or saucy.

Tim and Ryan steal the show, but their relationship isn’t the only interesting part of this novel. Bowie writes a wonderfully fun side cast of characters, their personalities filling the pages and rounding out the relationships of everyone on the Seven Plus Ranch. They even keep readers guessing on who might hold the next starring role in a Hot in the Saddle novel… Sherriff Joel Harper and Rancher Stu Reynolds perhaps?

While I’m not privy to information on a fourth installment in this series, I do hope I can at least encourage the idea of one! Though it was a very quick read, the attention to detail Bowie put in his work does not go unnoticed. Loving the Cowboy is very carefully edited with no forgotten words or misplaced phrases and it does EVERYTHING to not distract from the story this novel is telling.

In this story about learning to love, you as a reader will find so much fulfillment in nicely developed characters, thrilling plot points, and the rugged arms of two very fit wranglers! I highly recommend rounding up this series for your collection especially if you are looking for something spicy!


  1. Thank you very much for the great review – very much appreciated!

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