Love Will Find You by Vidisha Chandna Dua

Love Will Find You by Vidisha Chandna Dua
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Trisha was full of life and hope when she graduated but soon got frustrated with life for not giving her what she wanted.
Her life is turned around when she finds a job of her dreams and falls in love only to have her heart broken, again.
What will she do now?
Will she ever find love again?

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Trisha was such a likeable main character. I empathized with her as she struggled to find a job after graduation and watched her friends fall in love and get married while she felt like she was falling further and further behind in life. Her sadness and frustration over these things were understandable, and they made me hope that something wonderful would happen to her soon. She was a sweet and kind young woman who deserved her own happy ending.

I found the time jumps confusing. Some chapters were about Trisha’s life five years ago while others were about things that happened to her more recently or even during the present. As much as I liked getting to know her during various stages of her life as a new adult, it would have been nice to see her fate unfold chronologically instead of what appeared to be reverse chronological order for the most part. I often mixed up what happened to her and when because of how often the scenes moved among various important moments of her life.

The chemistry between Trisha and her love interest was well written. Their relationship wasn’t perfect, but it was built on mutual respect. I enjoyed seeing them dance around the question of whether they should get married to each other and looked forward to finding out what their answers to it would be. They both had good reasons to say yes, although there were definitely realistic obstacles in their paths as well.

This is the prequel to “Life’s Not Over Yet.” It can be read as a standalone story.

Love Will Find You was a hopeful read that I’d recommend to anyone who has ever wished they could be the next person in their social circle to get married or reach some other milestone in life.

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