Love on the Ice by Marisa Chenery

Love on the Ice by Marisa Chenery
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (89 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Carson lost the love of his life four years ago. As a mortal, he’d given Laci his heart. But then he went and screwed it all up. Now she’s back in Juneau—and he’s a werewolf sentinel. The moment he sees Laci again, his mating urge takes hold and he knows he must have her. In every way possible. To win her back, Carson must prove he’s worth more than a thrilling ride in bed. He’s worth forever.

Laci decided her ex wasn’t going to keep her from the city where she’d been born and raised. She’s over him, after all. At least she thought so, until he touched her. She doesn’t want to risk her heart, but can’t resist her sexy ex.

As Carson and Laci grow closer, the wolfy side of Carson’s life is revealed before Laci is ready. And he has to hope their newfound relationship will be enough to help her accept the new man he’s become.

I am a big fan of this author as well as this series and have enjoyed my visits with the Werewolf Sentinels. Love on the Ice does not disappoint.

When Carson’s ex moves back home he will do anything to prove to her that he is not the man she remembers and that he has grown up. Laci is not so sure she should give Carson another chance but her heart thinks otherwise. As the two begin to reconnect, evil finds them and Carson must do all that he can to keep Laci safe.

Laci and Carson make a great couple. Laci is a strong woman who can stand on her own. Carson is a good man who loves with all his heart and is more than ready to fight for Laci’s love. The spark has never gone out for these two and turns into so much more as their story unfolds. Seeing how strong Carson and Laci’s love is makes for a beautiful read.

Laci and Carson’s romance is not all that goes on in this book. I loved meeting Victor and I enjoyed seeing what happens at home with the rest of the Sentinels. From Laci’s family, to the Sentinels and their mates, the bonds are strong and make for a great read. I loved Laci’s family and enjoyed their interactions with each other. They love one another and take care of one another no matter what happens.

This book is another great installment in Werewolf Sentinels series; Marisa Chenery has done a wonderful job keeping this series fresh and exciting.

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