Love, Lust and Pixie Dust by Erica Ridley


Love, Lust and Pixie Dust by Erica Ridley
Publisher: Intrepid Reads
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (254 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea


Daisy le Fey isn’t staying a wannabe pixie forever. As soon as she’s a licensed Tooth Fairy, she’ll finally be on the Nether-Netherland ladder of success. All she has to do in order to trade in her homemade glitter wings for the real deal is complete her first solo assignment. Only that’s no sweet child asleep on the pillow. It’s a sexy man who refuses to hand over the tooth. Desperate to save her would-be career, she fights for possession. So what if her wand misses and turns the man’s assistant into a pumpkin. It could happen to the best of fairies!


Anthropologist Trevor Masterson needs his latest find to save his job from impending budget cuts. But then a blonde bombshell wearing glitter wings sneaks into his tent at midnight, claims to be some sort of magical being, and tries to fly off with his discovery. When Trevor chases after the tooth—and the girl—no amount of science can explain their attraction or the chaos unraveling his carefully laid plans. But there’s no such thing as magic… right?

Daisy has a simple job to do, but getting it done is anything but simple.

I love a story that makes me smile. This was one of those books. Erica Ridley’s story is crisp, light, and had me in stitches. I rooted for the characters and hoped they’d find their heart’s delight. Once I picked up the book, putting it down until after the last page wasn’t an option.

Daisy is a riot. All she wants is to trade in her fake wings for the true wings of the tooth fairy. Seems like it would be easy. It’s not. She bumbles, fumbles and has to learn her way around. I liked reading about her because yes, she’s fae, but she’s very human in her reactions and needs. I wanted her to get those wings.

Then there’s Trevor. I love when he realizes her best magic isn’t in her tooth fairy skills, but in between her ears – his words, not mine. She helps him and is a perfect partner for him, flaws and all. I loved when he realized that and knew he’d never get over her. They grow together and learn to be comfortable in their own skin. These two shouldn’t be together – because she’s fae and he’s human – but it works and works well.

If you want a book that’s light, but funny, got lots of heart, but not too heavy on heat, then this might be the book you’re looking for. I recommend it.

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